The S.A Celeb in 2012

I think the Picture says it all. If your truly Streetwise This picture speaks Volumes regarding Zake’s T- Shirt. South African’s more importantly women don’t support each other, and there’s a Wide Variety of Reasons for this. Most of the Time its Driven somehow by $$$ Money. The average Youth wouldn’t Think of helping anyone out unless there’s Money Headed into their account. Its A new Year and Unfortunately or Fortunately Most people’s Resolution is Driven by the Need to Make more Bank. Its unlikely for Someone’s New Year Resolution to be Lend a Hand more often Vs Making more Cheddah. Sibusiso Leope better known to the Masses as Dj Sbu has Epitomized the Ideals that are so Lacking in South Africa today. His Life story alone is Indeed a Very inspiring one. (if you want his Story just Google it) if you Bring people together to support each other as they work to achieve their goals and sometimes Cheddar $$$ Ambitions to help them realize their fullest potential, You through this will Kick Ass in everything. Vandal


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