Matric Results 2012

Matric Results 2011

Its been a Long Year for our Country’s Grade 12 learners, who are probably Tired of textbooks, late nights and a less time spent Partying. As to whether their partying is Responsible is debatable. Minister Angie Motshegoa Burdened with the Task to deliver the results. Here’s some of things I found Relevant in the Pile of info the education minister dished out.

Of all the poorest performing Districts, the 5 districts with the lowest marks are in Eastern cape. Which is Directly Proportioned to how Much money the department of Education has allotted to the Province.

A very relevant point is how the Private Schools who partake in the IEB exams have performed in 2011.Not surprising is the fact they have quite the Opposite Problem to the constantly under performing Eastern Cape having achieved a 98% Matric Pass Rate in S.A, with More than 88.1% Achieving exemption. This Further Clarifies the fact Financial Freedom is directly Proportioned to a Higher Matric Results. A very interesting fact is that the IEB results have fallen by 0.2% which is Miraculous 16 students.

IEB (independent Education Board) ceo Anne Ubaholsa Says the secret or the core of their success lies in their Teachers who are a Dedicated workforce, which is more than what we can say for our Govt teachers.

The eradication of inequality of Education is a Key priority according to Angie Motshegoa, this hard to believe when 1 Matric Student who goes to a Govt school achieves 10 distinctions and another Fails dismally having only passed 1 subject, with both schools being less than 1km apart.

Here are the Results:

MATRIC 2011 PASS RATE: 2011: 70.2%

An Increase by 2.4 from 2010’s Results.

Percentage that Achieved EXEMPTION (entry into Bachelor Degree)

2011: 24.3 %

Maths and Science Pass Rates

Maths: 46.3 % (Down from 2010’s Results)

Science: 53 % (Up from 2010 results)

From Lowest To Highest performing.

Eastern Cape: 58.1%
Limpopo: 63.9%
Mpumalanga: 68.4%
KwaZuluNatal: 68.1%
Northern Cape: 68.8%
FreeState: 75.7%
NorthWest: 77.8%
Gauteng: 81.1%
Western Cape: 82.9%

The Number of Students who sat for their Matric result in
2011: 496,000

2010: 537000

Umalusi says: No leaks of the Papers were reported, and of the 56 subjects written 8 subjects marks were adjusted Down and 3 subjects adjusted up. With the body satisfied with results deeming them Fair.

The Irony of the Results is that President Jacob Zuma asked Education
Angie Motshegoa to ensure that Matric Results should improve in the class of 2011 when he himself doesn’t have a Matric Certificate.

While Stalwarts of the ANC such as O.R Tambo fought against all odd to receive his Matric Certificate achieving an “A” for Maths, and a “B” for Chemistry and a “B” for Science, which is More than we can say for other leaders of the Anc such as Jacob Zuma


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