Big Brother Africa returning to DStv in 2012

Its official Big brother Africa is back in Mzanzi! This was revealed by Mnet S.A has revealed that a new season of Big brother is. Contestants will be once again Gunning for a large sum of Money, with the Amount yet to be announced.

Brother Africa is produced for M-Net by a South African production Company called Endemol and is broadcasted , live 24/7, in 47 African countries on DSTV bouquets. The TV commercials promoting the new season are currently airing on mnet, with the Entries for Hopeful Contestants expected to open in a few Short days.

The Big Question this time Round is, How relevant is the new BBA going to be not only to South African Viewers but to the rest of Africa. I still recall the Opening Night of the First Big Brother Africa, it was Something different and everyone i know was excited about it. In the Opening hours of the Show was trending world wide, I Highly doubt it’ll be Trending world Wide This Time round


Lerato who was representing South Africa in the previous BBA


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