Zahara Filming DVD

Zahara Live

If you haven’t heard of ZAHARA then chances are your clearly living under a Rock, and if You have chances are You have developed an opinion about the Songbird from Eastern cape. Whether you dislike the fact that clearly her and shampoo don’t mix, hence her hair looks like Steel wool or the fact that her English accent is appalling either way you know her.

Last year she performed for nelson Mandela which must have Left her inspired to record a Live DVD. it seems South Africans are jumping on the DVD band wagon, only a couple of weeks ago DJ Black Coffee filmed a Live DVD with a 21 piece Orchestra.

Zahara said in the last year she learnt that without God, one cannot prosper, which is true. she was Quoted as Saying
“Without God you can’t do anything. That’s why I am praying hard that my live DVD is a huge success. Once I achieve that, I will say mission accomplished”. It will be very Interesting to see who else will Feature from TS records.

Zahara's Self Titled Album


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