Prostitutes in Mangaung for Anc Celebration

Jhb Prostitutes

Jhb Prostitutes

The African National Congress has been the Pioneer of the South African Liberation Movement. Taking S.A from the Grip of the Aparthied Government.

To celebrate their 100 years of existence on this Planet the ANC has converged on Bloemfontein inviting dozens of local and international Guests. However their is one Group of guests who weren’t invited but have definitely made their Presence “Felt” by bringing allot of Happiness to the Male guests. Prostitutes from as Far as Cape-town have arrived at The Mangaung Centenary celebrations to ensure that all the men that require their services Come and leave happy.

Using Politicians Such as Jacob Zuma as a Prime example, Politicians clearly have a Healthy Sexual Appetite. Mr Zuma the Leader of the Anc and President of South Africa has so many wives its hard to Keep Track, last time I counted he had 5 wives. It wouldn’t be Surprising if Jacob Zuma Utilized the Services of at least 2 prostitutes especially if he was accused of Rape. The man clearly has Needs that neither of his 5 wives could satisfy.

A Prostitute was Quoted as saying:

“I’ve decided to be part of this celebration as I saw a business opportunity for myself.
I used to charge R70 a round in Sunnyside, but since this is the gathering of loaded politicians I am charging according to the size of their pockets”.

Another Prostitute admitted to have provided her services to over 4 High profile guests including one Popular Muso. It seems like even our artists aren’t getting enough “Groupie Love”.


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