FACEBOOK girls Spreading HIV (**The Email** the Facebook Dialogoue)

one of the 9 Girls

one of the 9 Girls

Mercedes K Madube

Mercedes K Madube

Here’s The ‘email’ Everyones Been Going On About..

My name is Thabiso Mokgosi and i have recently come into contact with a sophisticated group of beautiful girls spreading the HI virus.

I met (Mercedes K Madube) via the promotional agency we both worked for. We had been flirting for a year and on the last minute, she confessed her intention was to infect me with the HI virus, but somehow she couldn’t go thru with it.

Subsequently after that I was approached by another beautiful girl (Wilhemina bodiba) belonging to this group. This all happened within 3 days of knowing each other.

This group seems to know my where abouts, they keep messaging me of where I am and how long I have been there.

This group recently contacted my girlfriend with the intention of creating a rift between us. They got hold of her via a social network and forwarded her messages.

This group consists of young beautiful girls; they meet on Mondays to discuss stats and targets. This is dangerous and I feel people should be made aware of such groups, because they do exist.

Below is a dialogue between myself and Mercedes K Madube via Facebook.

December 3

Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi

Okay…I didn’t know how you felt about me…till now…things between us have been easy going & all of a sudden you want me to spill my life story on a social network. I think that’s being a bit unreasonable…I, will tell you in due course. yeah…I’m in to you…that’s no secret…I have never asked you bout ur personal life…coz I wouldn’t want to complicate it. Maybe you have expectations of me that I’m not aware of. so we are not friends now? What’s going on…?

December 3

Mercedes K Mogasi

i guess i am bn unreasonable.So u into me but we friends?wat dus dat mean?da gal wit u on ur facebook pics,is dat ur gal?da one?do u love her?if so,how is it possible dat u into me?

December 3

Mercedes K Mogasi


December 3

Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi

Ohh…so that is what this is all about…pics on my Facebook profile…yeah I have been in on an of relationship with this girl…its on off & those pics are coming off…so how do you feel bout me???

December 3

Mercedes K Mogasi

Im crazy abt u#shy#so u don love her anymore?u guys r over?

slow down,i got a confession to make,whereva u r ryt now,pls sit down…….

my boo…#tearing up#…I’m HIV+,yes HIV positive,bn a year now,my boyfriend infected me.Yes,im dying & yes my aim till lyk a minute ago,was to hook up wit u,seduce u so u’d sleep wit me,i wanted to infect u.I hate good lookin guys dat much.I’m not da only one,des a group of us dat does dis,12 of us r frnds wit u on facebook,some on twitter,its a race,we flirt & charm good looking guys & whoeva gets de first,plants da virus,we all got it frm guys,hot guys.Its a very sick game i knw.A group of bitter women spreading HIV through social networks.I couldn’t go thru it wit u for sum reason,u so sweet#teary#i jus had to confess.I’m sorry boo

December 3

Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi

Now that’s something I didn’t know…I thot we were just fooling around yeah…

Ohh…shit that’s hectic hey…let me pass by & we will talk bout it…im really so hear that…friend to friend…I’m sad to hear that…I mean that…u so strong thou…

December 3

Mercedes K Mogasi

No No,wen i say craze abt u,i mean it literally coz i wantd to infect u wit AIDS.yeah,fooling around wit ur lyf,myn’s over!I hate wat i’m doing but its my way of dealing wit da anger,makes me feel better.My boyfriend cheated on me coz wat i didn knw wudn hurt me,but i still got hurt,in da worst way possible.

December 3

Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi

Yo!!! I’m flabbergasted…

December 3

Mercedes K Mogasi

no tubs,u don’t get it,i’m in halfway gardens coz i’m takin care of him,cahngin his dypers & shit#literally#hes dying#da man dat i love is dying.I don wana be ur friend,i cant be,i got holda u coz i wantd to make u pay for anada man’s mistakes. Anada woman did dis to me & my baby,i don wana b da reason ur woman cries.

December 3

Mercedes K Mogasi

Still wana hook up now?Still wana delete ur boo’s fotos now?U guys r such easy bastards,willin to throw out da real deal for a fling,always!!!Foolin around!????dats how i got in dis position in da first place.He was jus bored & desperate,he slept wit one gal,jus one,not many,she didn knw she was positive,he usd protection,da condom burst,for da first tym in 3yrs he was jus foolin around,he neva intended to hurt me.We were also on & off,i guess i grew dull & boring,i struggle to make ends meet & compared to whats out de,i cudnt offer him much if @ all.Serves me ryt for being so arrogant thinkin i’m da hottest thing eva

was nothin

December 3

Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi

Thank you for not going thru with your plan to infect me…that I’ll always be internally grateful to you for…

December 3

Mercedes K Mogasi

My boo….lol…sounds rong evn sayin dat coz dats wat u cald ur galfrnd on dose fotos,jus do me a favour,find ur galfrnd,whereva she myt b ryt now,find her,if she’s far,call her & let her knw how much u love her,how much she means to u.I can tell u still luv her by how desperate u r for us to hook up,u think dat’ll get her outa ur system,well it won’t,i’m a woman,i knw.U love her, for u to evn proclaim it on a social network,it takes a real man to admit his feelings to da world abt a woman lyk dat,she means da world to u.U guys r jus probably havin problems ryt now,breakin up,makin up,maybe she jus talks too much,da small annoyin things,i don knw.All i knw is wateva da challenges u guys face,wateva u did or she did,u can forgive each otha,she still hasn made u sick,nothin’s worse dan dat.Stress,frustrations,space,financial problms,insecurities r a normal part of any relationship,dey can be fixed.Two ppl who luv each otha can talk & get thru dat,not easily,but can be done.I still wish my man & i were still havn dose financial problems etc. @ da end of da day we cud chat & iron dem out,but AIDS,we cant change da fact dat we dying,can we?


December 3

Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi

That’s hectic…hectic beyond words…I still can’t believe this…yeah…its reeling I’m my head…but it hasn’t sunk in…I’m speechless right now…

December 3

Mercedes K Mogasi

Don thank me,be careful& warn others,its not jus me but a group of us,each one of us has many profiles,we got guys too,so warn ladies as well.All i’m sayin is,don b a typical man,don go lukin for da easy way out wen da goin gets tough in a relationship esp one dat u stood against all odds to build,a relationship is work,work on it,b patient,love her & don hold back.Wateva it is, it can be fixed.All i’m sayin is,appreciate wat u hav,she’s very beautiful,despite her faults,im sure she takes very gud care of u as dey say,behind evr good lookin powerful man,is a wise beautiful woman.U guys don have AIDS,VALUE DAT!!!u don knw wat its lyk,i wish i had ur problems coz dey can b fixed.U love her my boo,u wudn put her on facebook or b wit her if u didnt.U wudn b

who u r or whe u r today if she hadn’t supported & believed in u,don knw,im jus sayin.Its a sat,take her out for ice cream,a movie,a walk in da park,wateva,u don hav dypers to change lyk i do.hug her tight close to ur chest,feel her heartbeat,love her,evn if she’s rong,ego asyd,go down on ur knees & say sorry.Call her,listen

to her,make deep passionate love to her

,anythin to make things ryt my friend,jus do it.Foolin around is not a solution,cud liv u scarred for lyf or even dead.Its hard to find a genuine partner des days so wen u have it,hold on tight &

cherish it.90 percent of young ppl r positive#real talk#if ur partner isn’t,thank dem.Evn my parents r positive,in marriage,dats y i go to botswana so much!Be a man who makes a difference!#sigh# appreciate w

December 3

Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi

#Appreciated…there’s so much to live for…so hold on to that yeah…

December 4

Mercedes K Mogasi

wats gud wit u?

December 4

Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi

I’m all good, u…what’s good with you?

December 5

Mercedes K Mogasi

hey u…im gud jus tired.I jus thot i shud warn u,i don knw y im doin dis but im gonna do it anyway.Pls,Pls stay away frm a gal by da name Vel,she’s one of us,she was here gloatin dat she contacted u & u agreed to meet her,is it true?If so,pls don’t,she’s one of da top gals in our group,she has no remorse.she told me dat u startin to trust & confide in her abt u & ur galfriend,somethin abt yol bn in an on off relationship,abt u not wanting to be in a committed relationship,abt u splittin end of Dec,same thing u told me basically.She’s very excited by da fact dat u told her abt me & how i wanted to give u Aids,its was da biggest joke in our group today.We all get together on Mondays,dats wen we have our ‘meetings’ & do stats. Vel didnt only let her boyfriend go,she infected him,he dusn knw yet.Worse part,her sister knws wat she dus & helps her catch her prey,works for her coz it luks convincing.Da dude who passed on her #,oh,he’s also one of us.We’re everywhere.Try not to open up & confide in ppl u don knw,speak to ur galfrnd man coz dats a common strategy we use to get u to trust & b comfortable so watch out,sum guys we get em drunk & rape em#true story#Ur in great danger,ur boo is too, so pls watch ur back.Maybe i shud give u a list of my group.#later

December 5

Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi

Wow!!! I’m eternally grateful. Thank u…from.the bottom of my heart…#GodBlessU

December 5

Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi

Pls do…hook me up with that list…

December 10

Mercedes K Mogasi

hey,pls watch out for Vel & company @da concert tonyt,u posted on twitter remember?dey were de lasnyt as well,she says she cald & sent u an sms & u ignored her,sumthin abt waitin for her siblings @da concert,she jus wantd to make sure u not de.She’s wit sum new gal, many of dem,all pretty gals,its cald training.Dey spike drinks,even prick if possible so pls b careful of gals cumin too close.Afta parties r worse hey,im gonna b de too.I gotta work u knw. Have fun jus b careful.

December 10

Mercedes K Mogasi

by da way Vel or one of da gals planning to tell u sum story abt car breakin down so dey can sleep @ ur place.da aim is to get a chance to liv underwear & used condoms in ur pocket,car or hous to break u up wit ur boo.Dis is evil & goes deep.To be honest,ur galfriend’s da only woman u safe wit & can trust ryt now,not even ur mom,one of our gals goes to church wit her & believe me,ppl @ da church knw ur dillemma.Be careful!


Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi

Thank you Mercy…I have been thinking alot bout u. I’m keeping you & your family in my prayers. Everything is going to be alright…u best believe that!!!


Mercedes K Mogasi

don’t pray for me,pray for yoself,u da one whos lyf is in danger,i don need ur sympathy.wat i do is a choice & i don feel bad abt it @ all.Nothing’s ever gonna b alright Tubs,get dat through ur head.There’s no turning back where i am,jus like prostitution & dis is not somethin u&i will chat abt when we meet coz my convos with u will definately b recorded,so avoid me when we do.I jus put up a front,look pretty & move along. @ da end of da day,like everyone else,i gotta meet my targets!


Mercedes K Mogasi

besides,ppl who use da phrase ‘ill pray for u,usually don even pray for themselves until something’s wrong,so i don believe in it.sorry

19 hours ago

Mercedes K Mogasi

ur in virgin active vodaworld now ryt?and u bn goin de for a week now ryt?watch out,u got fans,dey more dan jus fans,some of our trainees r workin out de dis month,trust me deyr gud,very smart,pretty gals too#true story#some will open up to u abt their personal problems,watch out.Id back off from chicks for sumtym if i were u.

18 hours ago

Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi


18 hours ago

Mercedes K Mogasi

by da way,hope u told ur boo da truth abt us,she deserves to knw da truth.Vel saw our charts & wants to forward em to her,how u & i were flurtin,how desperate u were to speak & meet wit me dat sat,how u cald her sum on & off gal dat u jus bn datin for a little while,how u wanted to delete her pictures,how u wantd to offload to me dat sat.All dis myt break u up.Im scared coz Vel’s crazy,has no remorse.Pls confess to ur boo if u havn’t already,pls.If u two trully luv each otha u’ll find a way past dis okay…..

18 hours ago

Thabiso Tubs Mokgosi

Thanks for the warning…will be sure to be on the look out…#RealTalk

18 hours ago

Mercedes K Mogasi

think of it dis way,its december,wats da one thing dat she wants da most?make it happen,even if its beyond ur powers,try ur best to make it happen for her,it’ll show dat u luv her,well,dats if u do….

10 hours ago

Mercedes K Mogasi

My boyfriend just passed away,lyk an hour ago#heart broken#he was in so much tubs,im still waiting for da mortuary ppl to get here#going crazy#

Da list i promised u: Myself-mercy madube(bf infected me)whilleminah boddiba(bf)nezz khehle(rape)lerato mokebe(bf)lebo khambule(bf)horatia sifeni(bf)nomonde bacela(raped by bf’s friend)refilwe metsing(bf)babs finiza(bf)lethu(rape)mashadi lesia(bf)samola selemela(bf)keneiloemolapo(bf)thuli sokhela(bf)kekelletso motasie(rape by dad)julymaluleka(rape)barby afrique(bf)amanda chermon(bf)mantsa ramaboya(bf)sibongile meya(bf)pabi mayemo(rape)

10 hours ago

Mercedes K Mogasi

that’s not all,dose r just da ones i recall from da top of my head,my closest friends.Is it possible for us to meet today,i need to talk to someone rational,im going out of my mind,please.I’ll hook u up with da rest of da list plus da guys.Please let me know before one,no strings,u can even come with ur galfriend if u lyK.By da way im sorry for what Vel did to u guys,i tried to stop her,i really did,but she’d already searched for her & sent her da messages,i hope u had told her da truth though.Ur a gud guy.I knw u had.She will forgive u in tym.U guys love each other,fight against this evil.Please come & see me,des something very important i want u to c.

10 hours ago

Mercedes K Mogasi

i want to show u how i knw everything that i knw & how u can do da same,for ur safety.

6 hours ago

Mercedes K Mogasi

Do u knw where Casablanca is?its a complex in Halfway gardens,dats where im @,please come to Casablanca @ two today,let me knw when u @ da gate.I don’t wanna scare u in fact i was too afraid to say but i have to tell u that apparently u made our stats this week,i don’t know how,but yes u have.Did anything weird happen over the weekend?Don’t be scared just yet,go for a test,convince her to get tested too,go back again after 3months,but please please come & see me today.its important!


219 Responses to “FACEBOOK girls Spreading HIV (**The Email** the Facebook Dialogoue)”

  1. Wah! Juz got scared. HIV does move in chains. We gota b careful out dea. Madze, stick 2 yo partners.

  2. Thanks alot lady u saved a situation,i once fall in da same trap like urs guy.but this exactly wat went thro.lets be careful en luv our family especially our wives

  3. this is sooo sick.. Anyway what happened next?

  4. THAT right there is real talk. Even though she feels it too late for her redemption, may God bless this young lady for going out of her way to educate the rest of us on the risks we face every day.

  5. Mercy thanx for ua courage en as much as u really say u have no remorse for what you do……. You sure do have some……. Thanx alot tho. En sorry for ua loss

  6. wumh……Got a lil scared

    we really need to be careful and more accurately……appreciate our partners

  7. booooooooooooring

  8. 2 bad! am afraid!

  9. The lady sounds highly intelligent with good education. May the Almighty God shower her with more strength. best of luck Merc.

  10. theaz need 2 take care …….

  11. It is not worth for a guy 2 go go fucking carelessly or for a gal 2 be fucked carelessly. Let the group dare me and I will kill them all 1 by 1

  12. geez this is so sick

  13. hey guyz, this is REAL SCARRING, stick to yo padna, am still shocked

  14. What tha…….waaaaaah…!! Stick to yo partner guys,be faithful..!!

  15. Holy shit!jeez ya got ma mentality straightened out!luv ya!

  16. Waaa this whole thing has just shocked me thanx 4 informing us.

  17. This kind of evil behaviour has been going on since AIDS was discovered and I don’t see why people are acting like they are shocked that people are spreading it knowingly. For example in Kenya the first women to come out openly were prostitutes who both said that two White tourists passed the virus to them knowingly and after paying them a good amount of money, they were told to buy their coffins because they had been infected with the HIV virus. Another gay White man was also on a talk show in America and he told the talk show host that he had purposely passed the HIV virus to 200 gay Black men because he hated Black people. The only way to stop such people is for EVERYONE to know their status BEFORE getting into a serious relationship with ANYONE, and then make sure to REMAIN FAITHFUL to each other. Go back to “old” values and not sleep around… otherwise you are just as bad as the evil women and men intentionally spreading the deadly virus!

    • I really agree with Missy…people should take care. And for the men outta who jump on any brown or beautiful galz that pass take care.N 4 ua info being young doesnt mean 1’s healthy n innocent lyk sch gals!!Galz watchout esp 4 guys who splash cash n gift

  18. Wow people need to h more careful….shocked

  19. wow!!!! scared 2 death thanx gal u av saved many lives and 4 dat GOD will repay u eventually

  20. The world is so sick,it needs divine intervention!!!

  21. Waaat grace and great love from God that u recieved. Men and women take care fo u dnt knw wat the devil plans to destroy u with. Hei if u can young lady ask God for fogivenes and the anger u have fo every man u see around u will end. AIDS IS CURABLE THRU THE BLOOD OF JESUS HAVE FAITH SO MANY TESTIMONIES ARE THERE AND AM A WITNESS. If u can contact the ministry of repentance and holyness u can be helped.

    • AIDS has NO cure. My sister, who was happily married and had served the lord for very many years contracted it through her unfaithful husband in 2007. She never lost her faith at all. We buried her in January 2011. Curable? I dont agree…

  22. thz is crazy GOD GUIDE EVERY step i make lord i pray

  23. I go through this and see hurt ladies. hurt by men who were close to their hearts, men they gave their hearts and they trampled upon them as if they were gravel! to an extent of rape by fathers!

    as a result they are out on a mission to seek revenge, they hate men..especially those that resemble those that hurt them eg hot dudes.

    this confession is heartfelt, this is someone who’s entrapped, hates what they do but feels they have no choice since according to them “they’ll die anyway”

    it’s my prayer that despite wrong choices before, she or even they shall come to the knowledge of Christ, that He makes all things knew, she can have a new life for her child. God will give her beauty for ashes, instead of mourning the oil of gladness and a garment of praise for the spirit in despair (a paraphrase of Isaiah 61 #Bible)

    I’ve tried to search for her Facebook account, couldn’t find it, would like to request the writer of this blog to please pass this message to her…I know my God is able!!!

    • AMEN I agree with JR. Please pass this message to her. I Know that My Lord is ABLE to free the broken hearts. Read Psalms 147:1-3. Blessings.

  24. All that bullshit’s for the bird,throw some bread out!!dude,with a script lyk this,u can b a star in Hollywood!u don rilly think u convinced us that this rilly is a true story….did u?!but its a nyc warning.waiting 4 season two…..DID THE GROUP KNOW WHO THA SNITCH WAS?!

  25. All that bullshit’s for the bird,throw some bread out!!dude,with a script lyk this,u can b a star in Hollywood!u don rilly think u convinced us that this rilly is a true story….did u?!but its a nyc warning.waiting 4 season two…..DID THE GROUP KNOW WHO THA SNITCH WAS?!!

    • I really feel for that Mercy girl. For sure, we need to faithfully stick to our relationships and stop having the desire to sleep around with every male or female we lay our eyes on. We need to work out differences just as she said instead of using our bodies to get over relationship problems. May God help them all and whoever reads this.

  26. Thought it comes through updates or inboxing……..

  27. Ths is scary. Whether the story is true or not, its a wake up call! So what happend next?

  28. Wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!am gonna get tested

  29. Oh God am shocked we gotta b keaful

  30. That story is really catchy. However, who knows whether the same thing is being done to this guy? What if she is pretending to give him a warning but still a trick to get to him? Girlz are very tricky when they focus on what they want. I jus don trust this one.

  31. Wat tha fuck!ths is sme crazy freakin realty,damn its so scary

  32. This is so sad unbelievable its veri tru many people r in this social Networks not 4 gud. God 4bid.

  33. waaaa…ths has really scared me..i pry tht thos gals chnge their mnds nGod hlp thm..God cn hill u if u trst n blv in Him..He all in all..mercy am really hpy n am so proud of u gal..ur a vry swt gal..i pry tht God turns ua lyf n heal u..yes He cn

  34. We ought to avoid people we don’t know on social networks

  35. We shud be smart enough.

  36. thnx 4 da story,we should alwz b cautious

  37. u r a strong woman tnx 4 sharing ua story cz it hs educated ppl.b faithful

  38. everybody is hiv positive except u watchout

  39. Guys let’s mend our ways. Aids is real. This is real scary.

  40. I’m scared! We are endangered species…

  41. I agree with Jackline and JR – Our God is Able! We have seen many who’ve been cured.
    Stan, it’s unfortunate that your sister passed away, but that doesn’t mean that God is not able. There are many things that go hand in hand with healing, and one of those is faith -not faith as in just being a Christian, but faith as in truly believing in God’s ability, and living and proclaiming His word over your life.
    Julz, I feel you….sounds very tricky-the way she insists on meeting……..
    As for the rest of us, whether this story is true or not, let’s be careful!

  42. This is a total lie coz i strongly believe that a straight up man cannot have sex wid astranger before going for HIV TEST or is it nowadays reversed sex first then test later? Guyz need to style up this disease is deadly n real

  43. This is sad! Why does another person pay the price of another’s mistake? In most of the cases Mercy has pointed out, they got infected through rape. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to think well beyond the norm and face the reality with openness and responsibility? HIV+ doesn’t mean life should come to a halting end just like that – snapping! I see a courageous girl, who out of her selflesness, decides to face the fact and speak out her problem, before it blew out of context. The most saddest thing, however, is use of sex as a bait to catch on innocent people. It’s for this reason HIV/AIDS cases are on the rise in the continent. There should be reasons to be wary of the sweet looking girl or handsome guy who looks too good to be ignored. Remember, wne the deal is too good, don’t only think twice, but know a thin string is always attached!

  44. its so sickenin to know what this ladies do. at least everyone ought to be more carefull b4 jumpin into someone’s bed…

  45. Ths is ol xo scary bt nt imposbl…mercy God wl bls u…u r an angel..

  46. not ladies only even men cud b doin this,its not everybody to watch out its you to watch out b4 sticking ya to
    ngue out

  47. social networks have turned into targets, this mostly applies to men, be watchful for random ladies n friend requests from peeps you dont know., and do follow up on their behavior., if its @all fishy., please run like a mad person.. For your own safety and health!, be vigilant n lets act against this.. Id suggest ya’ll spread this., tweet it, share the link on yo facebook updates n post on the walls of the ones you care abt, its gon make a change n difference in our society.. Lets make our society a better place for us n the next generation to come.. God bless ya’ll cheers 🙂

  48. is this a way to market your blog !!

    if it is this has really worked and the characters are good.

    Nway if its tru its sad n pple shud b careful out there…coz we make friends everyday nt only on sites..

  49. Thanx for this article atleast u have put some sense into ma guys head,he is really moved

  50. #shocked#saddened#
    Am sorry for this girls and guys.I know pity is the last thing they need right now but I cant help myself..
    My advice to those already infected is see a doc get the ARVs and try to live healthy.If u take care of yourself you may have a long lyf InshAllah
    For those not infected…well..there are a variety of options but my favourite is to abstain.
    I know its not what most young people would like but as a 20 yr old myself I believe its the safest bet.God willing when the tym is right I’ll have mad crazy sex when I get married to a man who loves me,is God-fearing and would rather chop of his hand than cheat on me…
    Yeah…yeah…yeah…I know what your thinkin what planet does she come from???
    But snce I am a theist who believes in God I believe that if you put ur trust in God things will work out for you.So though I knw guys cheat and what not am hoping al find that one who will be satisfied with just me.And such guys DO EXIST.
    Sorry for the long comment with traces of ‘preaching’ in it but am just sayin abstainance doesnt make u uncool or dumb or backward.Its a safe thing to do.
    If however this does not apply to you ie you dont think u can abstain then play it safe watch out.U dont wanna die coz of sex now do you????
    May peace be with you all.

  51. Not that its something unheard of,but a reminder hence a wake up call!

  52. U guys dont pretend,AIDS has bn here 4 ova 20 yrs now n dat has bn a witness of it.4 now d world we liv in is in excess of pple n if u wish 2 sacrifyce urself 2 spare it u can go on havin sex evrywhere u want ts a highway 2 AIDS n wil rsult 2 ur perment absence n 4 those who want 2 liv hapily lyk me lets watch every step we move n trust me we’ll get 2 our drimz.

  53. oh!one must b cautious at all times.

  54. Jesus da some shit right there.know your status and be faithful to your partners.is it possible to send these to my email address.

  55. men this is crazy…..if this continues.pple r gona die here

  56. Be careful guyz.AIDs is real n tis girl spreading it thing is real.b careful abstain if nt in any r/ship n if u r b honest 2ur partner.waaa so scared

  57. @Concerned Lovely Diva – I totally love your comment, long & preachy as it may be. Been single for a while now & it’s easy to get lonely & feel like you need a man for those moments but I will strive as best as i can to pray each day for a good man, a husband who will make all the waiting worth it. You have really encouraged me. Thanks. Let’s be careful guys, we have only one life to live…not worth throwing away over a few minutes of “pleasure”

  58. Sorry Tu all da Pple out There tht Have been victims of Such. Howeva from Ma point of View Tha Blog seems a little off. Something about da whole blog does nt add up. Either way be careful en Enjoy life from da positive side.

  59. wht,GOD do protct us.dunia ya maajabu!

  60. No one to trust. Its is really a crazy world….

  61. gal you are such an inspiration to many young people out there who think they can have all the pretty girls in town not keepin in mind aids iz there and real..kudos ua confession is an inspiration to millions of people readin this.GOD BLESS

  62. No words to describe this!
    Great read!
    Crazy world we live in!!!

  63. God,th wrld is cmin to an end.bt thts so good of her,sh has savd lives.b watchful evry1,evrybody’s lyf at stake

  64. We will all die anywy tho we shld learn from this…. Men n Women..

  65. wtf! shocking revelation. was realy moved at first bt mercy lost me when she started insisting that u two huk up…. chics are schemerz dude,maybe that’s her way of geting you….she has no shame in what shz doing and shz out on a mission. TAKE CARE PPLE.

  66. Anything you do in this world has a reward,for those who feel that infecting others whith HIV is the right thing they can do, God will punish them for killing innocent sauls,I believe that those desperate girls doing that shamefull job are not aware of the judgement they will get from God,if you do good thing you do it for your own,Remember that the sword you use to kill someone is the same one which shall be used to kill you.Lets be aware of such charactors in our society.

  67. @Anne thanx swthrt and yeah just chill I knw its not easy but I assure u will find such a guy.Besides if a man loves u cliche as this will sound he will not demand sex(speakin from experience)
    True love is based on respect and understanding and compromise.U will find a guy InshAllah(God willing) who will love you and wait till u get marid b4 he sleeps with you.
    Btw I suggest u watch a movie called ‘Jumping the Broom’It is a good movie 4 those who choose to abstain and may have slipped once or twice.
    I wish u all the best annie

  68. Ooh my goodness, i cnt believe ths! Shockn my God

  69. Lord have mercy

  70. What the hELL IS THIS. GOD pliz come down

  71. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah dats so crias

  72. Thanks to God.wat dirty game?

  73. Waaat? Am so shockd all f us ought to be careful

  74. This is unbelievable am short of words but we serve a faithfully God

  75. Wah! I admire one thing from Mercy. Her Courage to let this out and save a soul from HIV. And for Thabo, men, props to this blog post. It sounded the alarm for the men as we are the ones notorious for flirting and eventually sleeping around having one night stands and put ourselves at Risk. May God bless you Mercy, and I hope you will open up to the fact that you don’t need to spread the virus as you do now. God has a plan for you regardless of you HIV status…. You can dream again, you can live again. You just need to let go and Let God. Give Him your life, He will surprise you with enough blessings. Just give Him your life. You might not get healed but I can assure you that you wont miss heaven…He!!! AM touched..

  76. Whaaaaaaat! Am bila words. Washindwe. N dudes,mjichunge

  77. Aii..im soo fucking scared maaan.

  78. what happened next…………. curiosity

  79. True or fictional…i don care. Got me so scared 2 think how pple r so wicked…jeez!!

  80. aids is real luv all trust none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Guyz….,u nid 2b vry carefl.

  82. Wicked women indeed..dudes wi gotta b keaful maaan..b gentle n throw awey ua desparacy.

  83. Subhanna Allah! Guys watch out n if i may ask r dey in 1 country or its all over da world?

  84. damn, that’s so inhuman and immature!

  85. God bless this chiquitta. That was a brave take to save lives bt revenge wont make one happy. Doing wat Asunta does will increase survival…

  86. #mouthstillopen#. The story is so touching n I thank God for mercy coz not many will come out n do what she did!! what i can tell her is this; I have seen people being healed of the virus even in absentia!! just have faith in God,without any doubt in your heart n all will be well. I know my God is able. He can heal all kinds of diseases!! If He could heal leprosy during the early days,which was like AIDs n had no cure,then, hiv&aids is nothing to Him. The rest of us should do the easy n simple; be faithful n abstain. God bless.

  87. God 4 us,every man 4 himself.Tiz a crazy world.

  88. Mercy we ni shujaa.Plz guyz b faithfull stick 2 ur partners

  89. Hey!!!! Is this for real??? I can’t believe wat am seeing OMG! Dear lord were r you?

  90. something about this story…or that chick at least doesn’t add up..

  91. I don’t care whether its false or not..we just gotta be careful.

  92. ngai, life is harsh and clearly having your life ended for you doesnt make you reconsider or consider others.
    guys watch out.just get the message that is being passed across.AIDS is so real its really scary.

  93. that is great information for have spread to the world. I really hope your not infected neither is your gf.

    I always hope you will be able to assist ur friend Mercedes to leave a positive life.there is more to life tha
    n what she is currently doing.

    thank you
    God bless you

  94. tht ws a great ting u did gal..God b..

  95. This is true so let everyone take care of these social sites

  96. Well everyone has got a responsibility,…very interesting!

  97. Am totaly scared if dis wats hapning,,,!

  98. Am totaly scared!

  99. oh my GOD! this is bad!

  100. This is soo weird!!

  101. Im shocked…. There are people who even find gals on Facebook to sleep with. I hope people are careful with their lives.

  102. God be our guide

  103. ..heartless witchz..i wdnt feel sorry 4 em if i saw em dyin one by one..

  104. why are guys getting scared? are you moving around carelessly? if you are straight you need not to worry! at least somebody has drummed some sense into pples head. i have tried it out here in kenya and guys dismiss me and say that i may be a victim. am not even shocked or even moved coz am alws concious of what i do and for your info am tested and know my status kabisa!!!!!

  105. Guys lets b faithful to one.

  106. nobodys life is cheap so u better be cautious of every step u take

  107. Shocked!!!!!!

  108. i dont beliefe dis shit

  109. Mercy may GOD bless for opening up

  110. Sure, if this is true then I am speechless.

  111. AIDs is REAL. It daent
    matter the mode of
    transmission. This blog is
    just one of the many ways
    one can get infected with
    HIV,AIDs. For those
    infected,jst kno its nt the
    end of the world 4 u,Plz
    dont seek REVENGE. Guyz
    tk cr n God will protect u.

  112. xo the dude gt hiv+ evn after all the warn’ing.. ? wa! NO MORE FUCK.BOOK “F.B” FRIENDS!! ! mstly i dnt knw u!. .xo, did u gt tested.. ? warts tha results.. ?

  113. Thats mad mad mad crazy pple ar so wiked!when the deal is sweat thnk twise!eazy thngs ar expnsv tho they ar sweat

  114. Jesus Christ….is this for real? Only God caused Mercy to open up….otherwise things could be hotter. God bless u Mercy. Thats not the end of everything. There’s hope in God. Heeey..lets watch out guys!!!

  115. Whoa! Faithful 4eva.

  116. Cool story bro…wen is chaptes 2 cming out?

  117. plz give us the whole list ths is crazy wah!

  118. please lets be faithful…….and get tested before we start any relationship

    thax for informing us.

    • Waaaah!!!!!its kinda shockn bt ihappen to knw pipo who create stories to show the -ve side of others,,,,,,one thing wen one ths kind of motive on u definately she wuld hv infectd ths guy,that point of tellin him tht she +ve n tht she wantd to infect him is kind of alie,if ths is tru let him confess tht he got infectd too

  119. de story is touchin whether true or noot… its goal is to warn us all, especially the youth… times hav changed ppl are more daring than dem days…. de exposure to de sexual world is all over…. lets b carefull… inshallh Allah (God) will help those who help themselves!!!!

  120. @Concerned Lovely Diva, I’ve watched jumping the broom, amazing movie. Yah, i believe it’s possible. Thanks for the wishes, i will remain hopeful dear 🙂

    @Issah moha, It happens all around the world, remember a time back when a chick from Moi uni released a list of people in the campus she had infected purposely…i mean everyone was there, from lectures, students, cleaners, she spared no one. She says only 1man from the entire list insisted on protection…sad story i tell you

  121. damn.hiv is real.its hitting me now but hey all yo pips out there be careful

  122. challenge 2thos hu r -ve,never trust n-bdy!verify b4 u aknowledge.avoid 6x unnecessarily.dont accept fake note 4 original H.I.V. in xchange!! if u have been infected caution others n Die alone,thnx Merc.forces of nature can b overcome not via intimacy’s¿no REGRETS u knew abt it,srry if u wa raped.its xpensive n costs lyf*up2u dwn2me* B safe n healthy..

  123. This life is precious’ you better be careful guys ‘coz HIV-AIDS is real!

  124. i hope this is not ment to lure people from face book to twitter. i can see twitter ready to join in sign here. i hope this was not ment to make notice of a twitter and people start joining. hope twitter co. was not all about this to expand their market in africa etc where facebook is a dominant. all in all we need to be 360 degrees aware that aid is a process thats starts with a single step.

  125. wacha mpango wa kando. and always be faithfull to urself. trust in God

  126. Hiv is manageable, malaria, Menengitis and Ebola are worse killers evryone should know that. unlike the three you contract it if you want(sexually ofcourse) unless in exceptional means like mother to child and rape. By being vengeful what makes the girls think that their next prey is negative? they lost it big, they risk reinfecting themselves and the chain might come to their own male relatives, JUST DON”T SPREAD! They remind me of a primary school teacher who knowingly infected his pupils (std 7& 8) in 1998/99 he died in 2004 but left scourge that now is his former pupils in their 20s who have infected boys their age or even older, who have infected girls their age or even younger, Husbands who infected their wives who infected their unborn and secret boyfriends, IT REALLY IS A CRAZY WORLD.

  127. Stick to ur partner as wawili wawili bodaboda say

  128. God is calling upon the world to repent, turn away from wickedness and He will heal their land & their lives.Jesus Christ is able to heal broken & bitter hearts. Cast your burdens unto Him for He cares for you

  129. wah!!!!!!!! AID’S ig real guys!!! b faithfull 2 ua lovers.

  130. Everything happens with a reason to live…u kno know when u r leaving buh all in all keep yoself in prayers nt to be tempted!!!…

  131. Awwww..poor girl..i’m sowy dear.i really do luv ur courage…yhu re very inteligent.i care…

  132. Awww..poor girl..i’m sowy dear.i really do luv ur courage…yhu re very inteligent.i care…

  133. Achtung…..aids is real folks.regardless of whether the story is 4 real or a hoax…swim carefully if at all n put on a swim suit

  134. Hey uve hlpt m a lot teres a gyal 4rm fbk tat i was abwt 2 meet last nyt n mybe bang tanx a lot.coz afta i rd dis i dint mit her

  135. This ia ahoax,don buy it guys. I can read between the lines.

  136. Is Jess thami thax one o th gals?

  137. Im scared!! I thought its not in the real world.

  138. am speechless but now i know

  139. Mercedez whatever ur name,GOD will c u thru!

  140. now this issome serious shit!!!!!

  141. The names of the girls dont appear on facebook…The story can be made up. Why does the girl want to invite the young man anyway…perhaps its stealing…and who on earth fucks a person they dont know bila condoms? Please love yourself guys. I f the story is true….Then Almighty Father, please protect us all

  142. Where are these girls? I wud love 2 get in touch wit them

  143. What!guys stick to u partner.thanx gal.

  144. am really afraid, guys lets take maximum care n protection, if u r not infected u are affected.

  145. This is horrible,God protection prevail.

  146. Need those beautiful ladies

  147. May the gud lord give u strength to over come all devils deals,dids ad thoughts as u fight 4 ua life. God is always merciful tht one day u may wake up ad find ua self _ve.

  148. okay,ths is seriously freaky!

  149. okay this is seriously freaky! We all need to be really careful

  150. Wht happend nxt?… Did u meet her?… Wht did she tell u?

  151. Its sad bt the lady is very intelligent

  152. Cnt believe this is happening OH MY GOD

  153. damn, this vibe is REALLY REAL! i checked out some of the names of the gang on FB and they check out! and most of the girls are from Port Elizabeth, that cant be just a coincidence. and they are really fly chicks, al keep that in mind when i see a chick throwing herself to me anywhere!

  154. Hai… #speechless

  155. The best thing you have done is to let this information reach as many people as possible. You have helped many lives. GOD BLESS YOU.

  156. Give me ur address,phone nos,place of work & in 3months u will hv h.i.v in ur blood.dare me dude!:-/

  157. She was generous enough to be a really good friend to you steady gvn u the heads up in advance. U still wanted to cheat on your gurl anyway wow u seem kinda like u wanta play rushing roulette with ur life. Life is real and I truly know these groups exist in my home town people findn out every week. How people with the infection sleep with people on the first night n a guy or gurl just think damn he/she looked good ass hell but trust I know the disease dnt hv anyones face or name to it

  158. Hiv positive girls for marriage contact 9738531448/7259151237

  159. Thers anotha one too Patience Sigauke on Facebook!!she is also spreading HIV AIDS to younger boys

  160. Thank you so much 4 the warning Mercy. N 4 pipo in relationships, thats real talk. Be honest n truithful, u never know wat cud be waiting 4 u out there.

  161. Hey you guys this is real… Earlier this year I got a facebook inbox from this chick, the inbox said “hey I love your profile please email me (email address) so we could spread the garden of friendship” I declined and said no thank you, coupla days later I tried searching for her and I couldn’t find her… Its recently sunk in that she might be one of the girls or something, all in all thank you mercy for sharing and stay strong

  162. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on abe used book search. Regards

  163. I read a comment on here about this being a script and about it being fake…….but my ? to you is where you think this Lady get this BRILLIANT IDEA FROM?.This is very heart felt and remorseful. I pray for her that GOD redeem her and make her whole again, may she find peace and comfort in his word and strength and courage to tell her story. God bless you Lady, sorry for you lost and take care.

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  176. I feel like the dude is stupid this girl stepped out and told him he need to watch out and Just stay wit his girl there should be no reason that he trying to talk to another female like these women are plotting on him and he just keep thinking with his penis like HIV AIN’T NOTHING TO PLAY WITH he need to leave his on and off girl friend alone because he doing his own thing and he don’t plan on sticking with her it’s a likely possibility that he can infect her and that ain’t fair at all

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  178. I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I am not sure
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  183. Bismiallah,
    After reading the confession from a hurt woman my cries out for her, that’s still no excuse to do things which your soul would be counted for on the day of judgement.I don’t and never will understand what makes two total strangers to have unprotected sex knowing that it’s diseases out here. If you have somebody that you made your woman or man you did it for a reason now stepping out on her/him defeats the purpose of having a mate. I’m so tired of our black people being dumb and sucked in the bull shit. It was a time where the pussy/dick at home was the best thing ever going you couldn’t wait to get to it now you can’t wait to leave home to get to the next pussy/dick not knowing if the next pussy/dick is fucking whomever and end up with this cycle or youth is going in now HIV/AIDS when does it end what are we teaching or youth that having a disease is cool. I have four boys and I teach marriage in my home loyalty honest love Islam history. We have to many young parents watching videos and teaching his to twerk instead of how to pass a freaking test how to catch a football instead of how to file a college application how to roll a blunt instead of how to fight against teen sex. Ms. Lady I pray for your heart to heal life in jail ain’t no joke away from your child will hurt worse than paying a nigga back that’s allowing the devil to have victory. Wa salaam

  184. What the blazes is this Clays Ark? People baffle me they got messed up so now they got to do the same thing. The whole set up of messages seems unreal but that’s probly due to the fact it was barely readable. Anyway I know people do that mess misery loves company.

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