Khanyi Mbau: The Opulence and The Nudity

Khanyi Mbau a name that means allot of things in many spheres, to some she’s a “Diva”, a gold digger, and to one person she’s a Mother. regardless of your opinion about her she definitely has allot of people talking. In many Spheres she’s viewed as a woman who sleeps with As a Young Child she Dreamt of being  an interior Designer  and also had aspirations of being Rich.Soon After she realized that it wouldn’t be able to giver her the life of opulence she aspired to lead. Subsequently this lead to her Claim to fame when she decided to marry a much older man to satisfy her Financial needs at the age of 19.

One of her most Unforgettable interviews was on etv’s 3rd degree where she said very Blatantly ” I dont Care if you don’t have Bread on your table but im still gonna have my Croissant and Blue Cheese”

Her ways have been likened to that of our Political elite, There’s not much difference between finding a sugar daddy and Living a Lifestyle that would be seen as spitting in the face to the country’s Poor or by attaching yourself to the Right friends in politics to get that business deal or position that is bound to elevate one’s Status. Whichever way you look at it, it clearly sends the message that “in life there are shortcuts to getting ahead”

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Accepting her Downfall  and her shameful ways the Diva she was also once Quoted in an etv interview as Saying “I dont want Kids to be like Me”. After this Past week’s Shocking Pictures on twitter that were “Supposedly” leaked, i’m glad she Understands that the Young Daughters of this Country have morals.

This being Said i do have to highlight one specific Picture that Has in fact brought the good out of people in terms Comments.Although Nude, The Picture of Khanyi Mbau Standing Naked next to what appears to be a Red Light has by Far been praised as the Most Elegant and Tasteful Picture of Khanyi Mbau in her Disappointing existence on this Planet. One Comment i read on twitter from a Lady was: “She may be a Professional Gold Digger but dam i would Frame that Picture and put it in my House”


2 Comments to “Khanyi Mbau: The Opulence and The Nudity”

  1. i luv dat.ebu halla mwi.a.s.a.p

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