Sushi king Kenny Kunene can no Longer afford to Fish in Sandton

Kenny Kunene

Rumours that the Kenny’s Big Boat sinking are rampant despite his claims that everything is okay.

Everything Might be okay with kenny

Kenny Kunene’s Infamous nightclub ZAR is moving from the Radisson Blu hotel in Sandton, supposedly because he is looking for larger premises but honestly speaking, only now and then is ZAR Packed to “Capacity”. If Every socialite in Joburg was tired of being Cramped at ZAR then surely we Would Understand the Reason to Move to a “Bigger” premisses. So that Claim By Kenny is Squashed.

Here’s the 2nd Bit that Proves the Sushi King  is definitely in Financial Disarray: His offices in the same suburb Sandton are now to let. According to SundayWorld, Kenny is not running his business from the Regus offices in Nelson Mandela Square any longer. A woman also told SundayWorld, on condition of anonymity, that it was true Kenny’s company had left.

Another source said: “The club is no longer attracting top executives and celebrities. It is now being frequented by rude young people who misbehave when drunk.”

If your Club is “Supposedly” relocating and Your offices are to let that surely says the global recession isn’t so Global after all, it’s in Sandton. Speaking of Sandton and its Opulence it unsurprisingly has the Most Expensive office Space on the Continent.


2 Comments to “Sushi king Kenny Kunene can no Longer afford to Fish in Sandton”

  1. In this life u have been my roll model mr all i wnt frm u is having you in my life as my mento and to make may business idea a borm. I have a milion dolar business idea whch has been my dream 4 samtym now knowng u cn make it wht i want. I dnt want money or wht bt i wnt u to be my mento

  2. I want zar to come to come to my location, to the people and people love zar,its just that they cant reach zar,so mina i want to bring zar to a deejay, i know my kasi very well and i would love to bring zar to them.i know we have many entertainment bt people wants zar.i myself say zar must come to the people and im here to bring zar to my people.

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