The Story: Morale, Nonhle and the Diss Track (Download)

Nonhle Thema

Nonhle Thema

Joburg Rapper Morale is In the Spotlight with the Very Controversial Tweleb (Twitter Celeb) Nonhle Thema.
This is not long after she Promised to keep her mouth Shut.
Nonhle started of the day by insulting Sean Pages and his mom.

That’s when Morale Veritaz, the award-winning Joburg rapper, thought he would step into the argument, and put the former Channel O presenter and Dark & Lovely ambassador in her place. Tweets were being sent all over the Place and he said that she was a “shadow” of what she once was and Her attempts at fame were the “last kicks of a dying horse”. Which isn’t Far Fetched considering her behavior.

However, the tweet that silenced the socialite – was when Morale said, “I regret shagging you @NonhleThema.”

When she Kept quiet it was obvious he struck a Nerve. It just goes to show that Sex is truly Intimate.



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