Bonang Turns down Nude Shoot.

Playboy Mag SA Have expressed their disappointment after Bonang Matheba rejected their request for her to do a Nude Shoot. The live presenter has always been known as someone who’s willing to take some rather revealing pictures. she turned down the shoot immediately – much to the disappointment of the editor Charl du Plesis

The rather bitter editor told TimesLIVE:‘We found it strange and surprising because, if memory serves, she’s done some topless shoots before.’ (referring to her recent FHM magazine shoot)


Of her appearance in FHM not so long ago, “We find FHM to be rather disrespectful to women. We think we’re far more sophisticated in our representation of women”

Although it is very hard to accept that “having beautiful women pose naked is more sophisticated”

Anyway, Matheba’s management insisted that there simply isn’t enough “time” for their star to fulfill every proposal that comes her way. From this we can gather that she clearly isn’t on a “Moral High Ground” as we would have hoped, which is very disappointing keeping in mind how many young girls look up her as their “Role Model”. According to her agency, if Bonang had time allot of gentlemen would salivating at the thought of the next Playboy issue

We’ll believe the statement from her Management the day pigs start Flying. Chances areBonang rejected their proposal because it’s probably “That time of the Month”


3 Comments to “Bonang Turns down Nude Shoot.”

  1. I’m a fan of Bonang and think it would be in-appropriate for her to pose nude photos as she is in the Public Eyes. South Africa is not like our neighbouring countries where you find celebs doing all sorts of stuff with anybody commenting.

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