Mother and Son to Marry (Zimbabwe)


The headline alone is enough to leave you fearing the worst, thinking this cant be possible? Unfortunately it is. A Mother and Son from Zimbabwe in a Place called Masvingo are not only getting married but Betty Mbereko the mother to Farai Mbereko is 6 months pregnant. In a fair society it’s safe to say that this by all means “Abnormal” and ludacris. Mbereko (40), was widowed 12 years ago and has been cohabiting (living together in an Intimate relationship) with her first child, Farai Mbereko (23).

She confirms that she is six months pregnant and that she has decided it is better to “marry” her son because she does not want to marry her late husband’s young brothers, whom she says have shown desire and interest for her. Betty stunned a village court last week when she said the affair with her son had begun three years earlier. She said after spending a lot of money sending Farai to school following the death of her husband, she felt she had a right to his money and no other woman was entitled to it. She told the village court : “Look, I strove alone to send my son to school and no one helped me. Now you see that my son is working and you accuse me of doing something wrong. “Let me enjoy the products of my sweat”.

Farai said he was more than prepared to marry his mother and would pay off the Lobola (dowry) balance his father had left unpaid to his grandparents. “I know my father died before he finished paying the bride price and I am prepared to pay it off,” he said.

“It is better to publicise what is happening because people should know that I am the one who made my mother pregnant. Otherwise they will accuse her of promiscuity.”

A spokesperson of the village said “We cannot allow this to happen in our village, “mashura chaiwo aya” (This is a bad omen indeed). In the past they would have to be killed but today we cannot do it because we are afraid of the police”. He warned them to break off their marriage or leave his village. They chose the latter and have left the village for an unknown destination.

If this situation does not leave you at a loss of words or perplexed, i don’t know what will. This is testament to that fact that indeed truth is stranger than Fiction. (share this Story below on facebook or Twitter, because i doubt your friends will believe you)


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  1. Its just an horrible thing 2 dare.By all means,the marriage should be put to an halt because it’s the begining of the end of the youth moral values.2hell with them.

    • this is crazy,people don fear God any more.its even wrong biblically

      • are you sure its wrong biblically? Look at what the bible teaches us. we all came from adam and eve. so its clear that the bible teaches that it is not only ok to know your own mother bibically, but also that it is where we all originated from. Not the original sin but perhaps the second one?

        Please dont quote the bible in context like these as it will make you look silly. the bible is a very messed up book indeed.

        However, science tells us (a much more reliable source!!) that inbreeding is a dangerous thing and can cause deformities and abnormalities in the offspring. For this reason I would oppose it.

        SIgmund Freud teaches us that all males have an Oedipal Complex and all females have an Electra complex. Perhaps these two people are just following their natural instincts more than me or you would dare to?

      • Eliz, I agree with you, it was not God’s intention for a man to be married to the mother, while others may take the Bible causally, Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:5 ; Mark 10:5-9″say a man shall leave his mother and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh”

        Though, in some instances the Bible mentions a father getting into her daughter and getting a child like the case of Lot()Genesis 19:30-37; this does not any way suggest that this is Gods ideal. It was as a result of sin problem.

        While in His own wisdom God allowed sisters and Brothers in the beginning, at given time when there were so many inhabitants of the earth He saw it with to give certain instruction regarding the same in the Leviticus 18:1-30.

        As far as science being the only reliable source of all truth, that is

      • That is so poor of you Steven Hamilton, shame on you. The Bible doesn’t encourage this sort of abomination

      • Steven H. Your sense of logic seems highly defective. Can you articulate in clear terms how the fact that we all originated from the first two human beings justifies the fact of mother – son marriage? And what is your understanding of the Oedipal and Electra complexes? In the first place, a complex is a psychological abnormality. So how does an abnormality justifies a phenomenon of a rational human being?

    • to hell w them for real

    • i want to believe that this is a fictitious piece meant to elicit comments…God help us if it is not, cos it signifies moral decay and lapse into the animal world. Btw doesnt Zimbabwe have laws against incest?!

    • It was prophesied by Paul in the book of (2 Timothy 3:6). Quoting “For of this sort are they which creep into houses and lead captive SILLY WOMEN LADEN WITH SINS, led away with divers lusts.” Ponder on that and take caution.

  2. This if allowed to happen high chances of getting children with deformity is high

  3. For this scenario to happen in Zimbabwe, even Africa? i am perplexed!!!

  4. Dat c abomntn,i thnk w are cmng clse 2 an end of de wrld.jst pry n be faithful.GOD FORBD

  5. This is immoral but the two will regret later in future when they see their fruit. Dirty!!

  6. This is so evil and so disgusting! Resigning to bed.. Its horrible!

  7. Omg, this’ the way our society is rotten, pls people never this anywhere th planet earth

    • in earth it has happenned but the least of places we would expect this to happen is Africa where moral values ruled supreme


  9. i think it would have been much better to be accused of promiscuity than of incest smh

  10. Surely you cant be this daft?hw often did u frequent your biology class??

  11. Its nt only horible its an abormination looking at ur mothers nakedness. i bliv ths is the end tym. God forbid

  12. I can’t believe this. What the hell that is bitch thinking, how can you marry your mom? They are crazy.

  13. Too bad.

  14. Then whats the difference between humans and the wild animal? Someone please help!

  15. Having a bro/siz hu kols u dad?omg so absurd…


  17. This is dem craizy behaviour, truly the end of the world is at the corner,God forbid.

  18. The world is coming 2 unend,son marring his own mother,with is six months pregnancy.GOD

  19. God Help us in this wicked World.strange things are happening today, in India a dad killed her 25 yr old daughter coz of her desire to marry a guy from a different Caste. we ought to Pray for our Nations Guys!!!

  20. oh my gosh that is so much disgusting as in how could they?

  21. Very bad indeed.

  22. Strange but what is most feared is already done. Whether they break it up now or not they av had an intimate session n nothong will change that. If curses exist then it will befall only them.

  23. dirty marriage they will regret in future and may be it will be too late to solve.
    shame on them

  24. Mr.mbereko,incest is bad n God can punish yo eyes n c me,am single.

  25. This reminds me of sophocle’s master piece story king oedipus who killed his father and married his mother

  26. may be his is not her son bt hidding the reality shame on them

  27. God ve mercy on us!

  28. These are the end times spoken of in the Bible where wickedness will increase. Come Jesus and you will find forgiveness and peace. We should pray for them and not insult them. We have sins in our live that need forgiveness too. If we have not accepted Jesus and repented of our evil ways we are no different from them. I choose to pray for them that they will see the err of their act and come to Jesus for Salvation. With God all things are possible. JESUS LOVES YOU ALL!


    • I truly agree with u that let us not judge the two but let us pray 4 them so that God can open their eyes to see where they hv went wrong

    • True, who are we to cast the first stone. Lets pray for them and for ourselves not to fall deeper into sin. Remember all sin and any sin is same in the eyes of the Lord and judgement is for Him who gave us life. So all yo who were and are quick to condemn and judge ask your God to forgive you and give you the wisdom to help these two find God and seek His grace.

    • Indeed we have all sinned and fallen short of His glory. we all need repentance. the couple needs knowledge and above all Mercies of God. the mother/wife needs not feel jealous. it was her obligation to educate her son.

  29. eeeeeyyyyyywwwwwhhhh!!!!!!

  30. Laana ALLLAH May the curse of most high befall them.this is the clear sign of the world ending.Let’s turn to the through religion of all mankind ISLAM

    • who told u ISLAM is the religion, your religion allows u to marry ur first cousin, not much difference here!

      • keep islam out of this

      • wewe tak care of u r words na ujue unaongea wapi tel me wat do u knw abt islam?if u hav nothing 2 say plz funga io mdomo mbaya of urs.

      • u wrong marry ya own mother u crazy or mayb she ain’t ya true mather who spent 9months carrying u around …

      • I wouldnt quote that any religion here is better than the other one, but as human beings, we know what is right and wrong, its surely wrong to marry your mother……..lets not result to converting people forcefully…..

      • u got it wrong.

      • Shannoz are you serious!!!!!!!am not even going to dignify your crap with an answer…what is the issue here huh?then where did islam or for that matter religion come into question?… make me sick!indinant piece of camel shit you sound

  31. This is the end we have been waiting. We have to repent.

  32. Speechless dunia kwisha!

  33. Mmh!not good!

  34. it is a shame to face such immorality were has the african believe and culture gone to?

  35. Actualy she spent alot of money educating her son, it maybe trillions of Zim dollars? Thats alot. Anyway my point is Zimbabwe is lost dead and its where the world wil end 1st

  36. God forgive us. Come and take us home. This world is not our home. The devil’s last kicks.

  37. this we kol it an abormination,i jst dont understand bt they realy hv to repent.its asin ooops!!

  38. I think there is an evil mysterious power that is roaming around the world and it is only the Almighty that will rescue us the humankind from this. If at all it is the money that the mother wants to compensate for,then why can’t she just ask the son to transfer 3/4 of his salary to her account every end month. And this kid in the name of Farai, fuck you,you can go to hell if you want to. How on earth can you just agree fuck a vagina that introduced you to this planet earth,a vagina that your father had fucked severak times to come up with a family of your own. I bet wherever he is he is weeping terribly. GOD WILL JUDGE YOU FOR THIS.

    • you are casting the first stone, are you pure without blemish? say you will judge them but stop mentioning God cos you dont knw him. if you so much love them and hate the act why not rather keep quite and pray for them rather these vitupulations, mr. pure!

  39. D Zimb gov’t should b blamed 4 keepin quiet.They ar simply enablin it in doin so. NO human law should back this.This is no freedom or civilisation of any sort,it’s rather absurd and grotesque!

  40. May God help us! This is an abominantion!!!

  41. SubhanaLLAH!! This is devilish. Let’s turn to Islam the true religion of Allah for clear guidance. May Allah guide us

  42. Yah thiz two pple r totaly crazy ko vanin’ina vanozokudana vachiti chii dady mukoma

  43. may God forgive them they dont know wat they r donig

  44. …am wordless.God should do something about this generation

  45. For those people who believe there is no devil or a place called hell, watch this space coz these two are the proof that a real devil and hell exist! Jesus come quickly. This world is definitely NOT my home!

  46. Wa!i mean even if both of em wa desparet dat is so fukn disgustn wa!

  47. What the fuck!! This is the sickest thing ever!!

  48. I call it the stupidity of our lyf tym.

  49. ooooh!!!!!!!!!! the world is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. i think both of them, and especialy the lady nd to be chkd mentaly,i sy espcly th mother because she is the one spsd guide the son. 2hell wth them.

  51. Dats xo horrible……..

  52. This is not only unimaginable but ungodly! Christ is coming very soon 4 sure

  53. I think the one who posted this can do a very interesting fiction novel. This is incredible!

  54. jwhat a motherF*******!!!!!!!!!

  55. Deutronomy27:20 says, “Cursed be he who lies with his father’s wife, because he has uncovered her who is his father’s” And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’

  56. It puzzles hw lyf cn b@tyms.Mother n son.Oh no this world iz full of wicked

  57. God can a man marry his own mother.??$€@?!God have mercy.

  58. These wanted 2 b in Gunness world bk i think they r happy 2 b famous.

  59. Aahh Aahh Aahh! Those two needs urgent help, i don’t think what they are doing is normal, what they are doing is unhuman. I don’t those should leave with society.

  60. this indicates the beginning of the end of the wil the unborn call them ?mum or grandma,bro or dad?

  61. This just Show’s the Moral decay that has descended on Zimbabwe

  62. This is shocking, what has gone wrong in this world. How can a son marry her own biological mother, its rediculous. This moral and ethical decay and its impact is brutal. What about the kids they will sire, am sure some of them may end up with physical, emotional and even psychological imparments or rather disorders. May God intervene in this case and human kind, this is our prayer


  64. thiz z confusd twenty one century nd evrythn becomes normal evn if itz a shame of da hgest order.

  65. diz z 21st century nd everythn bad becomes normal so be careful my dia bradas nd sis

  66. Incest is illegal in Zimbabwe – wonder what the police are doing if this carries any substance!

  67. Dear God,Yahweh,Allah(S.W.T),Adonai,Jar,
    Please we need you to redeem us from Hell.
    Pliz don’t allow any of this rubbish occur in Africa,It will bring curse on our continent.
    May u send ur Angels and Saints to stop this curse from happening!
    Guyz The end is getting nearer every single second tick!
    Let’s hold the focus on God!
    May Christ Jesus and Mohammad(s.a.w),interceed for us in heaven for this is TERRIFIC!

  68. oh my God,,,i can’t imagine that this is happening in ma country. Lord hv mercy! Remember what happened in Soddom &Gommorah……

  69. This kind of information should not be laid out into the open as it has. People deserve their privacy. Wrong is it is, come on……..we’ve all sinned somehow so let God judge them and remain silent and pray. Lots of noise wont help anyone..keep a level head guys…..and importantly, pray…for urselves and ur people as well.

    • THANKS MAN, you have said it right, God bless you.
      Ordinarily, this story sounds spittable, but if it is true then, we need to pray and not to condenm, with if they repented just as we are condenming , they die and make heaven, we who condenm, claim rightousness, die and make hell? so let judgment be of God .

  70. This is sick and a curse that will follow their descedants

    • U dnt curse their descendants bcos d inocent unborn kids dnt knw wot deir parents r abt to D̶̲̥̅̊δ. God shld hv mercy on ds generation amen.

  71. Bad Omeen.!!! May de ‘wrath’ of God be on them …

  72. Hmmmmmm this story is so disgusting, they both need Gog intervation if not later they will regret their life.

  73. The mother is mature enough to know that what he is driving his son to do will destroy him for good and his generations to come. It is an abomination!

  74. guyz, keep islam out of ths barbaric act…dnt jst talk 4nothing@queen

  75. Dnt b d 1st 2 cast a stone

  76. m asleep. i thnk l wake up once m thru with thz dream…

  77. hW can a son marry his mother thz abnomality surely.then it’s not her problem thng lyke curse .but none of that ican’t agree with.

  78. Bitch! I mean she gat the habbit of a female cn u do it wit ua son? Only dogs do that!

  79. Yaaah!right!i have a strong flng not to believe ths.btw,too much hypocracy guys cuh the world came to an end the moment y’all accepted homosexuality.keep yappin

  80. God forbid! It’s written in da bible da wn u’ll c thz repeant 4 da coming of christ is near.perplexed!

  81. We need to be sound spiritually and physically.These are the end -times.God help us.Whether incest,fornication,adultery,all is sin against the body which is the temple of the Holy spirit of God.May God Forbid!

  82. Human charactors has changed dramatically,they do things againest the bible,Lesbianism,and now incest,God will punish people.

  83. The mother is crazy,the son is a fact they are all animals

    • they are animals, isn’t it, what brand of creation are you? ‘human beings’ you must answer, but do you or behave as one? Think, think before you think of an answer!

  84. satan satan satan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. which is a small sin? a man’s amourous affair with a man or woman having an affair with a woman or better still human verses animals?
    People should stop disturbing these guys, afterall aren’t we say we are in the days of grace(new testament) and not moses law? let God judge. I think those things that even happen in the Bible in those days that God even manifested in them if it is these days, people would have crucify God himself not even Jesus. Why do we want God to do what we want and not we doing what God wanted. no one understand God’s way!
    we have already accepted homosexuality, lesbianism they are carried out in glare, what do we say, ” it is modernization”. the modernization we much copied, eroded away the core values of african society, so please every body, think about your hidden secret sins of abortions, killings, hatred for one another etc b4 you condenm the mother and his son.are they not sins enough as the one you are crucifying them?

  86. enyewe thz byond human imagination!!!

  87. Surely the world is ending!

  88. Abomination

  89. fuk em!! fuk em!! fuk em!! i wish they were in kenya they wold hve had a tractor tyre by now on they bodies sh@#t dis ain’ AFRICAN AT ALL.dats why ama stick wit may roots ,no christianity,o islam for me cuh if it was during the days of our forfathers thy heads would hav been out of their shoulders even before dis damn newz could be read but this damn re-lie-gons brought tolerents in the name of forgviness..damn u all brainwashd westernizd bonzos..

    • Really???…..y dint you kill Wamboi Otieno and Mbugua…very much pretty the same as much as they were not of the the same blood lineage. PRAYER IS THE ANSWER, NOT ANY OTHER COZ WE ARE ALL LIKELY TO FALTER.

  90. Fuck them both…who cares !

  91. The end of the world has come near than closer

  92. I am not here to judge them, but to pray for them.. No sin is greater than the other, be it Fornication, Adultery, Lying, Abortion, Incest, or even the nameless ones. Please stop throwing stones at them… They are lost and blind, and they need sight… What do you expect from we humans bound in slavery to sin and the devil. Our prayer is that this Salvation which is free and easily available will find us all in Jesus name….. We are all guilty… Yes they didnt do right… But who here has done right?

  93. This is not fair at all, chitema chikuru panyika they both need strong prayers hameno zvinotyisa hw can u abuse ur own child that’s child abuse iri pachena amai ava muroyi mukuru kuru ,

  94. fellows! This is Cantercarious, balbarik, farfecth, unculture, we shuold all get close 2 GOD so that HIS will can shadow our life!!!!!!! Oooooooooooooooo

  95. If you know what is love love sm1 who love you

  96. OMG! This z a sign ov end of the world, if i were at dat village i would ave killed them!!! This isnt an african tradition damm!

  97. How can u differentiate this two with wild animals. Indeed wild animals are even more better than them. For real d world is getting to an end.

  98. escatology may God have mercy on us

  99. criously ths world z full of crazy shit…jeeez!

  100. God forbid,thz is end of the world,u kno its also written in da bible da wn u’l see these r ol signs of da end of da world so repent 4 da 2nd coming of christ is around da corner!

  101. this is totally wrong…i tink both of them are going crazy

  102. we thank God becoz it is fullfilled wat is written in the scriptures. Guyz the fear of the lord is the beggining of wisdom.

  103. All I could say is “OMG” !! Seriously !!

    And please check out my latest post on love –

  104. aaaaaahhhh,this is sickness and valid evidence of living in the last dayz,,,,question,is this guy mentally(medically)fine,,,,or the mom for that matter,,,coz one may be taking advantage of the other’s mental guess is the mom is kukuz coz since the the guy is working,he must be mentally fine.and my bet as well is that the momz mental incapacity must be occasioned by the death of the hubby and shes reliving his life thru the boy,probably a copyright of the zaks.thats my take:any other thot cant be rationalized!

  105. End of time is indeed near!

  106. First & foremost this two people should be taken for a mental check up.

  107. I dn’t si it as a surprise in da modern society. We shld accpt da wrld is nolonger static,we r lv’n in a dynamic globe where yo expect anyth”n any tym!

  108. yuck!criasly?dat dude is more than a gay.

  109. If this story wasnt written for the sake of the writer pulling in some views then i think the two (mother&son) made all this up just to keep the younger brothers away…and the baby is someone elses

  110. I dont agree with what they have done because its not acceptable in our society I would like ask the bible n koan bashers how did the population from adam and eve fairy tale …I never that they had daughter …. so please tell us if eve slept with her sons?

  111. wat a sin may god 4giv them and please lets keep religion out of dis @queen stop u r nonsense talk u knw nothing abt islam.

  112. oh God, what a hell….?????Let us pray for them so that they may change their mind ed repent

  113. oh my gosh wow!! damn very interesting

  114. the world is not ending or nothing funny z gonna hapen of late.we can’t jst inturrupt Gods plans by our own fucked up behavoirs n start shouting how the world z about to end.who knows when it gonna end or even when its about to end.this guyz have commited a seroius SIN n what they need now z jst forgiveness.if they ain’t able to ask themselves the much we can do z to help them ask for forgivrness n lets bigin by 4giving them 4da shame the’ve causd to humanity.the son will u please tell ya mother that watever pushed u was insane n now u in ya senses n u nolonger need to connue bulshitting around her,n ask her to forgive u one her as ya mother,not as ya WIFE.its a shame plz.and the mother,tell ya son u made a familly already by bringing him to earth there z no need for him to form another family with u.thaz a mistake u all did n now that u know its a mistake correct it n love a parental love affair with each other.stop the intimacy thing a happy life as mother n son not as husband n wife.i preffer the latter,it works best for me n most ple.pls correct thet mistake for life n never ever do it again please i beg u both.

  115. any chance of a reference link to the original story

  116. Orogo Adjumani

    De mother need some counseling, is not upstair OK.

  117. and people still have the nerve to deny that we are living in the last days?? may God’s hand of salvation reach as many…..fellow christians..wake up, lets get to work

  118. Na yani the boy is very proud ati ‘i impregnanted my mother’ nkktest

  119. What world! So what child gonna say them. Brother, father. Mother. Gogo. This iz hlokolozing.

  120. WOW… what a strange culture difference… I am very shocked like everyone else… but we can’t judge though right? They are in a completely different world to us I guess.

  121. Total madness

  122. We can hit the roof by saying how bad it is, but the water has already spilt, they have been dating for years now, the main issue is to find out what led to the wicked behavior and get way of preventing any future recurence.

  123. This is pure madness. The world is truly coming to an end. So preparee ye the way….

  124. This is sin beyond nature.The world is coming 2 an end.

  125. Are you sure this story is not fictitious?

  126. Ohh zimbabwe if where the voice of God is not heard i believe this is not happening.

  127. In laws must leave her alone,this stupid traditions must be done away with. Mother fablicated the story to chase these parasites

  128. Animals equivalent to goats!!!

  129. Its ønly dat it’s nOw in d 19th cEntury wer police z eVerywer if nOt dat I wld hv stOned em’ alive n’ end dis f*cken’ madnes…..

  130. This are the end days.
    watch out and be prays fully.

  131. I kno this story. it wasnt his mum, just his elder 1st cousin. some religions allow incest with 1st cousins… why judge yet u profess same religion?

  132. This is unbelieveble,mashura chaiwo

  133. Im like wat?? u lucky im high wen i read ths..

  134. there is nothing new under the sun,the only truth is that this is abomination.wickedness of the highest only problem is that many are such relationships in secret that people don’t know about.

  135. Perhaps his mum was really hot? Wouldnt you? I mean, if no body was to find out… Come on, be truthful now!

  136. Uyinja yomfazi igazi lakho.

  137. This can happen to any one when u make environment conducive, A certain guy was working far for many years, & the son used to share bed with the mother even at the age of eighteen. Things started happening & when the man one time came the son refused to get out of the bed. Fight broke & the son killed his father.

  138. Mwana komana uyu is an abomination,taboo ende zvakaoma iiii.asi akambo nyatsoita sei muchinda uyu?

  139. I realy think dat dis story is realy irritating i cnt imaging it i even feel like throwing out (ughughah) am sick

  140. This is very bad. I’ve never heard this befor in my life, mother marry a son! Its abomination. What happened in sodom and gomora was not worst like this befor the anger of God kindle in that nation. So they should be careful in that nation so God will not rain acid rain on them.

  141. Bullshit!!!!! That is why islam is the best religion to embrace. In islam all the guiding rules are there specified many years back before the world exist. Accept Islam and enjoy yourself.

  142. I respect the couples love for each other and courage.
    There’s nothing wrong. after all cousins marry and brothers have married sisters in the past.
    Kudos to them

  143. … wat?????brains medical check up pap! either of them is insane

  144. Hio ndio ubaya wa kutosoma…kwani hawana maarifa kidogo kuhusu education?

  145. Wonders never cease really. Oh dear God, kindly intervene. I honestly hate the act.

  146. Am lost of word….and by the way,why do they still refer to each other as “my son and “my mother”. May the Lord forgive us for this unthinkable acts.

  147. ABORMINATION. End tyms r here already

  148. Bollocks. Fiction. Kwayedza stuff

  149. Wat a sad story!!!!!! I feel sorry 4 them. May God help them change completely.

  150. mike

    hiyo ni tabia mbaya sana ,this people should be is0lated completely from the comunity, what they are doing is what they dont know. GOD help them.

  151. @Wan yan who da hell do u think u r? MxM go screw yo self…..anywe i think dis dude cldnt get laid his mom wasnt sellin it…

  152. @Wan yan who da hell do u think u r? MxM go screw yo self…..anywe simple dis dude cldnt get laid his mom was available…

  153. And how wld u know wher the end of the world will occur?

  154. what!!!!!!
    WORLD END!!!!!!

  155. The son is covering for his Mum. The mother definitely had an affair with someone else and either does not know who the farther is, discussed it with the son and together they came up with this solution. DNA is the only answer! Don’t believe anything.

  156. God forbid!thats an abomination!

  157. It’s really. An abomination it is good they were ask to leave the village before they polute the land

  158. I wonda wot he calls her….mom, babes,swity,wify. Maybe he uses MAMA that covers both in swa n sheng!

  159. This is totally insane!!!

  160. Waat!!! This world s comin 2 an end

  161. jus find and kill the abominations,this is disturbing.

  162. There is no option than to marry her mother because she is six months pregnant

  163. That boy is a sick puke! and the mother is a sick fuck!

  164. This kinda of weird ting happenin’ in dis world,i hve never heard of such a marriage,vry unforunate dat dis young man was born to a daredevil love greedy mum,she shal b judged unruly by e Almighty.

  165. This is absurd.considering the things that are happening….it leaves me asking….is the world coming to an end?this is the devils work from the pit of hell….its abomination and bad influence 2 the society.

  166. This are tha lasp days,tutakuwa 2 kiseek advice from who???.NGAI ndugatunine niundu wawaganu wa andu aria matakui.

  167. This is very absurd. We r living in da days of end times. If u read da bk of revelation, u will clearlly understand what is going on. Just because of selfshness, the lady is doing something unimaginable.

  168. Speaking in a psychological sense, This is more than a son to marry his own very mother, this is a cooked story structured to cover a very long and sophiscated Drama that common people might not understand. So, one must use a third eye to look at it, may Allah of mercy bless Africa!


  170. I strongly oppose the r/shp.i think its time God came himself rather than sending his men

  171. Dis an abomination

  172. This man is crazy,I can discribe him by simply saying HE IS A REAL MOTHERF***KR,they are an embarassment to humanity…

  173. wa t if it ws the otha way round…a man marrying his daughter, wud it b realy that shockn?


  175. Mother nd son r sick people. How do u change from a mother to a wife? These people r sick, abomination!

  176. What a disgusting thing this one is? Sissssss! Both are tommented by evil spirit!

  177. Am short of words………….

  178. i dont believe it actually happened, but if its true then the two should be hospitalised in a psychiatric hospital for a very intensive examination. God help us

  179. let dem do deir sheet some were, let us Concentrate on God’s doctrine. But we can help by praying 4them! To me dis distraction is from d devil 2get us wave away from God n confuse us dat God do not existe. God is real, n He manifest Himself in d life of His children. Lets pray until we pray! Pray until u pray.

  180. Nothing is nw under d sun. Just pray 4 their salvation, condemn d act & dont condemn d pple. Jesus died 4 dem too.

  181. If God was to say, ” Let anyone who has not sinned against me throw a stone at these two” who among us would do it. We are all sinners and yet we want to judge others. There is only one Judge. We should pray for these two and not scorn at them. We should equally pray for ourselves, for we are sinners before God. There is no better sin. Please forgive me if I have offended you by my statements. Just saying…

  182. Hw kn u b mrried wit ur mothr,thts unhuman, Ths mst b insanity, wat i they teachng chldrn.

  183. This is not a marriage and to those who describe it as marriage, they misunderstand d word marriage, this is purely develish act, bcos this type of a thing is contarery to religious noarms and value.

  184. This is hw gay kpalava started and 2day, is ravagng d whole world. We must stand against it in totality.


  186. WUUUUUUUUU Crazy pple in a crazy world.

  187. The wrld is really coming 2 an end ,

  188. There most be insane but the mother and son.

  189. someone define this disorder pliz

  190. This is just another piece of fiction…perhaps a scene from ola rotimi‘s ‘The Gods Are Not To Blame!‘

  191. This is really an abomination,and its against what is written in the bible the word of God its also the sign that the end of world is near for the bible says when the end is near many strange things will be happening this is one of such things.To me the marriage should be stopped the mother should give but to the child because God is against abortion.

  192. This is just another provoking piece of fiction!

  193. This is really an abomination,and is against the word of God that is in the bible its also shows that the end is near the bible has already said it that when the end is near many strange things will be happening this is one of those things.To me the marriage should be stopped and the mother should give birth to the child because abortion is out of it its a sin.

  194. They are both mad ppl,God! What’s this world turnin into?

  195. What? Its painful to think about it. They are all nuts! Animalistic.

  196. The Mother should get ready to marry another Son after there Birth OR The Son should get ready to marry another Daughter after there Birth…

  197. What a dirty marriage! Are these people changed to be goat that chassed its mother? This is a sign that the world is nearly end. May God destroy the so called marriage with those who practiced it.

  198. What a shame,what a disgrace,what a sacrilege, they deserve what they got,but for me they deserve death.endtime

  199. God forbid abormination

  200. This Abomination

  201. “This kind God O! I never see His type O! This kind God O! blessed be His Holy name” It is not the will of God for any man to perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life, He is a righteous judge and knows all things. He is holy and hates sin and not the sinner. He forgives all manners of sin except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, Please Lord have mercy on Betty Mbereko and Farai Mbereko for the messy situation they have fallen into. May be they have the brains of goats and not human, but I know you can correct that so that they should not perish. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!!!!!

  202. This is incest and to not be heard of spoken of, they might feel they are having fun but they fail to purse and think about the repacution that will come upon them like an armed man . Friends lets pray for them bcos God detest such heinous act.

  203. Literally a mother-fucker..

  204. Wonderz shall neva end! Hmmm family marriage ohhh

  205. Sending them out of the village is not the salution to the problem.Let be sure he is her biologycal son,by investigation,frm the backgraund,to the hospital the mother gave birth.There’s more to it.

  206. Wonders shal never ends.dats abomination especialy in african communities n in society in general.GOD FORBID!

  207. they both r crazy,they should b taken 2 pshcatric hospital.

  208. Wholly fictitious it looks to me!!! I mean give other sources (websites)of reference. On the other hand, it is NOT that riduculous, abominable, absurd and wicked than the LEGALIZED same-sex marriage! However, Christianly speaking, it is wrong. There is an age long curse(NOT PRAYERS FOR) on that and all we MUST do is say amen(DEUTERONOMY 27:20)! For the optimist out there, this is not the only end time manifestation you have seen(though one), so stop shouting prayers but shout preaching of the gospel instead.

  209. D world as come 2 an end.Pls,u fool(steven) don’t say this have happen in d Bible.If it’s good than u can go in2 ur mother also.

  210. they shud b burnt.they don deserve to live

  211. This is a bad egg from a bad omen

  212. I know it cant happen in nigeria but only in zimbabwe,This is a bad egg from a bad omen

  213. I don’t think this is true, but if it is.
    It is serious abomination at the highest order, what were they thinking,
    God have mercy,

    but let us pray for them that God will open their eyes to see what they about to committ

  214. Dis is nt good

  215. God detest dat, it degrades humanity 2d level of animality, dis is one of d sins dat led 2d distructn of sodom n gomorah. Wat de nid is praya n pschological therapy.

  216. what a sacrilege that is capable of destroying African values. Both deserve to commit suicide pact.

  217. This has jst made me belive dat, In d world we are livin 2day dea’s nothing impossible. Even d word itself says “i’m possible” .

  218. Let her enjoy the money as much as she would enjoy the hellfire. You may hav a story to tell by the tym you are one in one with your creator

  219. 4 sure we ar ending 2 the last tmes

  220. To the Author, Is this for real, or it is a tabloid story? It if is for real then i think both are psychos and need to be admitted on Psych unit immediately.

  221. The mother is selfish, to overcome d lost of her husb,she is destroying d son, God s word encourage us 2 honor our parent

  222. Madness on a new level

  223. U can do that coz knew dayz No men.that why we bet them

  224. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction

  225. I think they’ll hang themzelvez zoon. I uzed to think that gay iz the worzt thing ever, but i keep on zeeing more worze thingz than i can imagine…

  226. Well, if such things are not happening, then where is d fulfilment of d word of God? Its a privilege 2 witness all dis. I mean we’re just as d same as those who see JESUS CHRIST physicaly bcos His words are really confirmed in our own time. Praise be to God Almighty

  227. wololololololo!! Labda the have mental problems n have not taken their medicine for sometime……

  228. where on earth did a son marry his mother God forbid

  229. What is impossible to man is possible to man. Meaning, what seems impossible to someone is possible to another.

  230. Wonders indeed shal neva end! D devil is realy tryin 2 take ova d world-(Quotes by d brain- in pinky & d brain) but God pass am!

  231. in our country such thing is impossible,is abomination before man and God.and for such atrusity to be commited,there must be pernaity for it.and body cleanse between d mother and son.dt is in aspct of for christains such situation needs God intervention,and very stronge man of God for delivances

  232. Am not surprised at all cos strange things are happening everywhere even in Nigeria. Fathers impregnant their daughters, brothers sleep wit their sisters now its mother n son getting married. May God have mercy on us n 4give them, mayb d world is gradually coming 2 an end.

  233. Devil is at work in their life bt I wonder why Africans are being used for such urgly experiment conducted by devil

  234. This is very bad

  235. They should be burnt to death!

  236. This is absolutely crazy, i think their mental state has to be examined.

  237. If u ask me, i like it dat way… I dnt see anything wrong with that.

  238. If u ask me, i think there’s nothing wrong with it.

  239. Is way to see bad side of 2 of them no way to progress in this and is a big disgress to all zimbabwe in home and out side is bad recod 4 a nicy contry like zim god ponis 2 of them 1000000%sure am not happy 4 this bad news from zim useles moter and son i wis u dab luke cos of ur bad legesy my god is gona ponis ther next generantin 2sure

  240. This is abomination to penetrate your own mother’s nakedness. Even the beasts of the forest are said to leave sisters and bleed in another pride.

  241. That is Absurd, the bible is very clear on this, thou shall not uncover the nakedness of thy mother

  242. Are they enjoy bedmach marriage

  243. binadamu ni mnyama kama wengine wote.

  244. the world has really gone crazy 4 sure

  245. Father in heaven, have mercy upon ur childre we’ve fell u,forgive us all.we nid u to save n delivr us frm us to act right n to speak right for we’v all sin.Amen

  246. Father p/s 4give dem 4 dey don’t no what they have done….

  247. man without God is an animal..this is a manifestation of a dead spirit that is totally disconnected from God or what we call a seared conscience…anyway even Sodom n Gommorah were there…evil is coming to the pinnacle so that people may know who God is and who are truly for Him

  248. It’s the world we are living in people needs to get good acknowledgments and knowledge of what should be done if you are a Christian nor even any religion doesn’t allow this may they be killed and throw them in a river so that the generation don’t exist evil is the king of the world very few understand that.

  249. There are no more signs you and I should be waiting for, suggesting the soon ending of the world. Its a rather unfortunate scenario but a reality of a rotten society all in the name of Democracy so abused.

  250. Incest is looking us all in the face this is just ludacris, what can we do or say its just disgusting. They should follow up on them cause that marriage shouldn’t happen nasty!!!

  251. For me I dont think their is any problem let them enjoying their rights of association and marriage. WHO said marrying your mother is a crime? this are just some myths and taboos that will never lead us anywhere. ask yourself this question, WHICH ONE IS WORSE, A father defiling her daughter or a mother marrying her son?

  252. Worst immorality of modern times

  253. They need 2 b killed.i wish it ws in kenya,naudhubilahi min dhalik

  254. Huyu buda nimsapere, yaani anaweza surunya madhake,nyege ndio ni mingi au ni nini?

  255. I smell homicide, blood in the house, suicide. What else with a mom manipulating her own son. U don tell me that this is gonna move on for long. Surely the son wont live without stigma. The mom is selfish. She doesnt care about her son’s future.


  257. It is neither a surprise, nor a horror. God does not intervene in or punish such silly consensual things. Mother-son marriage has been an ancient custom in certain Asian tribes, though it is slowly dying with sophistication. Even the ancient Egyptians used to marry their widowed mothers, according to the Bible. World will not end with mother-son marriages. Some may do it and many don’t.

  258. Fiction. alot to worry about

  259. Shame is worse than death. How can a son desire to marry to his biological mother? It seems to me that the son is illigitimate because no man can erect just to have sex with his own mum unless otherwise there is something wrong. I wnuld strongly urge to the concerned group to carry out a thorough investigation and also to test DNA in order to prove the claimed parental relationship.

  260. what a world we re living in,subahannallah.

  261. The worst has already happened and condemning them is like trying to breath life to a dead man. Let them get married and go to hell or Heaven, i dont know. Does it even taste sweet in the first place to take your mum to bed? well, for these two, i think it tasted sweet, so let them enjoy to the last breath. wow, my wife is my father’s wife too!

  262. ohits really awesome, and i think its a need

  263. Abomination! shetani ashindwe. We honestly need prayers.

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    on this post. I shall be coming again to your blog for extra soon.

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  266. if this not madness , what should we call it?

  267. I blame the CRAP and BACKWARD tradition that would drive people to this sort of despair. The mother & son business? Lord Jesus. What is this nastiness.

  268. it has a deep sense of immorality and filth…how can such a horrendous act take place in the 21st century? its just nasty en unspeakable.

  269. Speechless.God forgive us.

  270. Wow what a lucky son I’m absolutely jealous of him to be completely honest I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit that I would have moved in her room sharing her bed seven nights a week the very same day as she was widowed and I would get her knocked up at least a couple of times too


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