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March 15, 2012

What’s the link between LMFAO and Syrian President (War-Lord) Bashar Al-Assad?

LMFAO and Bashar Al-Assad

In this 21st century Technology has allowed millions of people to connect through the internet allowing them to share and Listen to music.

US dance duo Lmfao owe their wide fame and success to a hit single entitled “Party Rock Anthem” which has become popular accross the globe.

The Syrian President has officially earned the name War-Lord after his crackdown on protesters has left thousands dead in a period spanning 12 months of protests. The United Nations has been unable to pass a resolution to bring a Meanigful solution to the daily bloodshed that has become a way of life to the population fighting for democracy.

The Big Question is how can a world Famous Dance Duo be linked to a president Al-assad Accused of such attrocities? allow me to Explain: on the 14th of March, A British newspaper Published the Emails of Syrian President. A mole within the president’s inner circle provided them with a password for the account

These emails showed how the Leader seeked advice on how to control the protesters from Iran through a created Dummy email address “am@alshahba”,the email account showed exchanges between Assad and iTunes. The president made purchases and downloaded songs by  British pop duo Right Said Fred, US country star Blake Shelton,New Order and  US dance group LMFAO. share this story below with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and remember: “keep on Shuffling”

March 13, 2012

Madonna to Launch new dance Inspired Shoe Line




Madonna s well known for her Music and Dancing across the globe. However thisweek she has decided to launch her first shoe line inspired by dance. Most women take shoes very seriously. The shoe line comes under her Truth or Dare label, and will be produced in Canada With prices set from $89(R720) to $349 (R2800), the initial range comprises over 60 styles, including flats, heels and booties. Dance influences come in the form of studs and cap-toe details. While the pop star’s stylist Arianne Phillips is creative consultant, Madonna has had a key input on the line. But the down part is that the shoes will only be available in Europe, so feel free to purchase them on-line

March 6, 2012

Facebook status saves woman from Rape

Facebook can be used to catch criminals, but it can also help save victims.
A woman in Johannesburg was saved from two armed robbers who had assaulted and threatened to rape her.

The attackers tied up the woman in her bedroom together with her 10-year-old son. They also stole her cellphone and told her that they would kill her husband when he came home.
The woman then managed to untie herself and her son, before hiding in her wardrobe with her laptop.
From there, she sent out two updates, saying -“Please help! We have an armed robbery, they’re waiting for Hennie [her husband] at the gate, please phone him, don’t let him come inside”- and “Help! Call Hennie. We’ve managed to untie ourselves. They said they would come back to rape me. Armed”

One of her friends saw her message and called for help immediately.
Police and security guards reportedly arrived on the scene within minutes, but the attackers had fled.
Facebook is becoming an increasingly valuable tool in tracking down criminals.
So next time, think twice before Deactivating your facebook account because “facebook is getting Boring”. Share this story below on facebook and Twitter, It could save someone’s life.