Music Videos

  • Rihanna – You da One

“Riri” better known as Rihanna just Dropped her new Video on 23 december. The best way i can describe this Video is: “Controversially sexy” . Rihanna is Now the New face of Armani, and as a result she has her own Line of jeans and Lingerie with Emporio Armani which she wears in the “You da One” video. As if being the queen of Pop wasnt enough she’s next in line for Fashion princess of the Armani Empire


Rihanna - "You da One"

  • Micasa – heavenly sent

So i’m sure Right now everyone’s Sick and Tired of the jay Something of Micasa waking up on a bed in the middle of a Township… how realistic was that? If he had gone to sleep on the bed then woken up on the floor, that would’ve been acceptable. if jay Something can speak Zulu then i can speak Latin, 2 sentences in a song doesn’t make you fluent. You’ll be happy to know that the Music Video doesn’t start off with a bed scene in the middle of Alex in Johannesburg. i don’t know who did the casting for the lead girl because the gap between her teeth is so wide you could fit that trumpet they use in there.

  • Ikechukwu feat Xela Xelz – Bu Lie Oto

I’ve never really taken Ikechukwu seriously until i saw this Music Video. Long Story story Short i was impressed. Nigeria is Clearly on a Mission to take hip hop music in Africa to a whole new level. It seems hip hop artists are coming to grip with the fact that having a Music Video that looks like it was shot with a camera from your local electronics shop with the basic concept being a pool, a couple of Girls in Bikinis and 2 bottles of champagnejust doesn’t Cut it. what really amazes me about this video is the attention to detail and the Overall high level of quality. As for ikechukwu ‘s Lyrical delivery I’ll leave that up to you. A specific scene in “Bu Lie oto” that caught my eye was where a chic was crushing Corn the traditional way while wearing Beats by Dre.


Traditional girl wearing beats by Dre

The 411 on LMFAO

RedFoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy) and SkyBlu (Skyler Husten Gordy) grew up in a affluent L.A neighborhood. They formed the group LMFAO in 2006. The duo has said its original name was Sexe Dude (Read as Sexy Dudes) and  the two changed it at the advice of their grandmother. who would ever thought that these 2 Guys listen to their Gran

Lmfao has been in the Music Game for 7 years now. LMFAO signed to the Big Dog record label known as INTERSCOPE. There first Single they released was a song called “Im in Miami Bitch” which was Big, But when asked what there intentions were with Party rock anthem there answer was to take over the world, and so they DID!

LMAO at the Emas 2011


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