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February 16, 2012

The Boyfriend behind Adele’s Heartbreak revealed: Slinky Winfield

Adele's Ex

After Adele went to the Grammys with a Broom and walked out with Clean sweep of 6 Grammys there has been
Questions about who inspired the HeartBreak behind “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You”

I’m Glad to announce that Gentlemen has Been Found.
He’s a British musician/actor who goes by the names Slinky Sunbeam and Slinky Winfield this is According to the New York Post

The Post quotes an unnamed friend of Adele’s who says: “Adele likes to keep part of her life back for herself, but it’s an open secret that Slinky was the guy who inspired 21…. He’s a seriously good-looking guy. He has a great body and likes to wear vests to show it off. And he has this crazy hair which reminds me of Jimi Hendrix — it’s really wild and untamed.”
“It’s easy to see what attracted Adele to him. He’s a really popular guy, the life and soul of the party, and he’s a musician as well. But while Adele has the knack for writing songs which the whole world can tap into, Slinky’s material is more underground and kind of art-school trendy.”
Winfield launched a personal website on Sunday, highlighting his music and upcoming TV and film work.
Adele has good reasons for keeping the identity of the person in question secret. Her first album, 19, was also inspired by a breakup, and the former boyfriend, who has never been identified, tried to sue her for royalties based on the idea that his actions inspired the songs.
As for 21’s inspiration, journalists are now looking at her past interviews for clues as to who it could be. Adele blogged on MySpace in 2008, denying any romance with Winfield: “People keep saying i am/was/ seeing slinky sunbeam! im not and never have done. whoever this “source” is, they’re talking out their nonsense. he ain’t my type!”
Adele, who has clearly found success from her romantic pain, has moved on from both exes, as she brought her new boyfriend, Simon Konecki, 36, to the Grammys.

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February 15, 2012

After winning 6 Grammys Adele reveals she is taking a five year break from music… to concentrate on Love

Adele in the march issue of Vogue

The Heartbreak singer wants to focus on spending time with new BF Simon Konecki because when she has prioritised her career in the past it has led to heartbreak, but in all honesty the heartbreak is the reason she’s admired across the world.

Adele’s latest album, 21, has sold 9 million copies worldwide and has spent more time at #1 than any album. The album is a highly personal collection of powerfully emotional songs which were inspired by an emotional breakup

Asked about her future plans, she told US Vogue magazine :  ‘I am Leaving for four or five years. If I am constantly working, my relationships fail. So at least now I can have enough time to write a happy record. And be in love and be happy.

Then I don’t know what I’ll do. Get married. Have some kids. Plant a nice vegetable patch.’

The 23-year-old  said she is a good girlfriend because she likes to cook, laugh and enjoys sex.


I think i speak for everyone when i say, i hope her new BF breaks her heart because her Heartbreak always leads to Albums filled with emotional songs which have captivated music lovers across the globe. All withstanding a happy album would be refreshing.

U.S Vogue.

January 9, 2012

Adele’s 5 Best Cover Shoots (PHOTOS)

So its Quite Evident that Adele has Received allot of criticism about her weight, But despite that she’s Managed to Have several hot singles on the Billboard 100, as well as a No1 album. She was Quoted saying ” i dont make Music for the eyes but for the Ears”. If you have listened to her Album you’ll gather that the Songbird is off the market. So in Celebration of her Beauty I’ve decided to Round Up the 5 best Magazine Cover shoots she’s Ever done.

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