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March 15, 2012

What’s the link between LMFAO and Syrian President (War-Lord) Bashar Al-Assad?

LMFAO and Bashar Al-Assad

In this 21st century Technology has allowed millions of people to connect through the internet allowing them to share and Listen to music.

US dance duo Lmfao owe their wide fame and success to a hit single entitled “Party Rock Anthem” which has become popular accross the globe.

The Syrian President has officially earned the name War-Lord after his crackdown on protesters has left thousands dead in a period spanning 12 months of protests. The United Nations has been unable to pass a resolution to bring a Meanigful solution to the daily bloodshed that has become a way of life to the population fighting for democracy.

The Big Question is how can a world Famous Dance Duo be linked to a president Al-assad Accused of such attrocities? allow me to Explain: on the 14th of March, A British newspaper Published the Emails of Syrian President. A mole within the president’s inner circle provided them with a password for the account

These emails showed how the Leader seeked advice on how to control the protesters from Iran through a created Dummy email address “am@alshahba”,the email account showed exchanges between Assad and iTunes. The president made purchases and downloaded songs by  British pop duo Right Said Fred, US country star Blake Shelton,New Order and  US dance group LMFAO. share this story below with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and remember: “keep on Shuffling”

February 9, 2012

The Crackdown Continues in Syria… No Oil means no UN intervention, unlike in Libya

South Africa being the president of the UN security Council and remembering their past with Aparthied, surely you expect things to be different for Syria moving forward.
As despair Sets in for the People of Syria, the Civilians regardless of their view on Assad are the one bearing the Brunt of the Dictator’s Crack down

At this moment in time the International Committee is considering their Next move while The City of HOMS faces a looming Humanitarian Crisis.
Staying alive in Homs means avoiding bullets from Govt Snipers, but after you’ve survived the Gun shots one needs to eat.
The Military has put a sniper at the end of a street where a Shop is Based, so that if anyone tries to go to the shop the sniper shoots at civilians. Just last week a sniper shot a 12 year old Boy who had Bread in his hands.

Assad fights the people not only with Bullets but preventing Bread from getting into the Country. Those Brave enough to Risk their lives have Managed to Smuggle in little supplies for the Locals. Things like canned food to a small number of tins containing Baby Milk for the few babies that are still alive. In the same breath allow me to describe to you a Video clip I came across on Youtube. It was of a Young Syrian Activist in His 20’s Criticizing the UN on their weak response to the Crackdown, and next to him a toddler lies motionless and Pale with Blue Lips. And a small Rocket shaped object next to him. The Activist Points to the Rocket and says “this 2year old boy was killed this morning by this Mortar, is this what the UN is waiting for?, for our children to die?”

And the Answer to that was given earlier this week as US official Mr Jake Sullivan, Director of Policy and Planning at a Press Conference when a Journalist asked a question in the Simplest way possible:

“how many people have to die before all of a sudden, it’s at the point where you(US and UN) have to do something like what you did in Libya, which is to say stop the killing and do something about it?”

Sullivan responded that the current U.S. courses of action are diplomatic and financial options.

Perhaps its Just be but when the Richest country in the world says “Financial Options” it makes me wonder.

What does he mean when he says that?
Let’s Examine this

When the Crack Down on Libya began US came down Gadaffi Strongly and the UN passed a Resolution within 1 week”

Now in Global Ranking of Oil Reserves in 2011 Libya was Ranked at No.9 with 47Billion Barrels of Oil.
And SYRIA is in 38th Place in Global Rankings with 2.5Billion Barrels. That Clearly explains the “Financial options”. Basically US would not Benefit by Invading Syria. And since we the Topic of Oil “IRAQ” is Ranked 5th Place Globally with 143Billion Barrels of oil.
I hope by now Your starting to see a Trend. $$$

Clayson Monyela a Spokesman for the South African ministry of international relations said in a statement “Fundamentally, no foreign or external parties should interfere in Syria as they engage in the critical decision-making processes on the future of their country. Any solution must preserve the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.” Remembering the Injustice that Black South Africans Suffered at the hands of Govt forces before 1994, its important to note that the harsh Sanctions that were Placed by the International Committee played a Pivotal role in South Africa having its First Democratic Elections With Nelson Mandela being Elected as President. Its Very Disappointing to see South Africa’s Very week stance on Syria, SA as a Country need not forget that can’t the very same Sanctions that lead to its Democracy is what Syria needs in order to Overcome Assad and Flourish in the 21st Century.
As the President Jacob Zuma Gives his state of the Nation address the one wonders if he will even Mention Syria in his Speech.

A defecting soldier of the Uprising told Aljazeera that the Military were Using “Grad rockets”. He says Grad rockets aren’t meant to burn Buildings when they hit them but to destroy them into Fragments. He says Grad Rockets are normally used in war situations but today they are being used by Assad’s Forces to Crackdown on Civilians.

Another Resident of HOMS pretty much Managed to Wrap up the Entire Situation in 3 sentences : We are feeling that we are completely alone. Nobody cares about us. The UN gave Bashar al Assad [permit] to kill us with rockets, to shell us with tanks,”

Al Assad compared to Hitler by Protester

Al Assad compared to Hitler by Protester