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February 19, 2012

The Richness of Being Black : by Vuyiswa Masango

My definition of blackness is nobleness, worthiness and togetherness.

My blackness is the cradle of my righteousness. I was made to believe that blackness was a form of weakness because of the darkness of my skin, they insist that black magic is my specialty.

They question my keenness to explore my blackness. They can witness the lushness of my black brain and still label me clueless.

They call it black wickedness while I call it black consciousness. These mindless creatures walk in a state of blindness.

Haven’t they heard that there’s a silver lining to every dark cloud? Better yet, do they know that my blackness is luminous?

My blackness is my liveliness… Darkness dominates my blackness and through the darkness I see lightness”